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Looking for a plumber in Nijmegen?

If you are looking for a plumber in Nijmegen, then you are in luck at Zoofy! There are no fewer than 100+ plumbers available who are ready to help you with all your plumbing jobs. Whether you want to connect an extra drain, unclog a sink or install a (bath) tap, there is always a plumber available to meet your needs.

100+ plumbers in Nijmegen available for you

The plumbers in Nijmegen with whom Zoofy works are carefully selected, reliable and professional plumbers. All plumbers have extensive experience in the field of plumbing jobs. Everyone is always screened and after a new registration, the professional must first prove himself at 3 jobs, only then can the professional carry out multiple jobs.

So don't worry, we monitor the quality and if something goes wrong, we are there to help you and solve it as quickly as possible. Once the job has been completed, the plumber will create an invoice for you via the Zoofy app and you can pay it easily and quickly via the QR code or online via iDeal. All your jobs can be viewed easily and clearly in the Zoofy app.

Discover the Power of Zoofy: Fast, Easy and Safe

At Zoofy we understand that your time is valuable and that safety comes first when hiring a plumber in Nijmegen. That's why we developed our DIY platform with your needs in mind. With Zoofy you enjoy:

  • Speed: No more long waiting times. With a few clicks, you can immediately book a professional plumber in Nijmegen who suits your wishes and schedule.
  • Ease of use: Our user-friendly website and app make booking a plumber in Nijmagen simple and intuitive. No hassle, every job done in no time.
  • Safety: Your peace of mind is our priority. We carefully select and verify plumbers in Nijmegen to ensure you always get quality, reliability and safety. In addition, our platform offers secure payment options and you always pay afterwards.
  • Optional Warranty Package: For extra peace of mind, you can choose our warranty package. This means that if something unexpectedly goes wrong during the job or if problems arise later, Zoofy will provide a satisfactory solution free of charge. We stand behind our work and want you to use our service with confidence.

At Zoofy we believe in creating trust through transparency and high-quality service. Discover for yourself how Zoofy takes your handyman experience to a new level.

Top 5 plumber jobs in Nijmegen

If you are looking for a plumber in Nijmegen, there are various jobs that you can have carried out. Below we have listed the top 5 jobs:

  1. Installing a tap - Plumber Nijmegen: A new tap can give your bathroom or kitchen a completely new look. A plumber can help you install a new tap or replace an old tap.

  2. Detecting a leak - Plumber Nijmegen: If you suffer from a leak, it is important to have it detected and repaired as quickly as possible to prevent further damage. A plumber can locate the cause of the leak and repair it quickly and professionally.

  3. Various plumbers: A plumber can help you with various jobs such as unblocking the drain, replacing pipes and solving problems with water pressure.

  4. Installing a toilet bowl - Plumber Nijmegen: If you want to have a new toilet installed or replace your current toilet, a plumber can help you with this. A plumber can connect the toilet properly and ensure that everything works properly.

  5. Connecting the dishwasher: If you have purchased a new dishwasher, it is important to connect it correctly. A plumber can help you with this and ensure that the dishwasher works properly and does not cause leaks.

Regardless of the job you want to have done, it is important to hire a reliable and experienced plumber. Via Zoofy you can quickly and easily book a plumber for all your jobs in Nijmegen.

How much does a plumber cost in Nijmegen?

Curious about the costs for a plumber in Nijmegen. Our rates are based on the averages asked by plumbers in the Nijmegen region. This brings the normal rate for a plumber in Nijmegen to 75 euros incl. VAT. There is a surcharge for an emergency job (same day or tomorrow) or an appointment during the weekend or evening. The hourly rate includes a number of fixed costs for the professional. At Zoofy you do not pay any call-out fees. More and more plumbing jobs also have a fixed price. This way you know immediately where you stand. 

We help both companies and private individuals through our website. Based on your zip code, we show the rates charged by a professional plumber in the Nijmegen area. These are often hourly rates. But a fixed price is sometimes charged for all kinds of jobs. Through our years of experience, we know that our customers greatly appreciate transparency.

More and more jobs with fixed prices

In addition to transparency, customer satisfaction is our top priority. More and more jobs also have a fixed price. For exact prices, submit your job and select one or more dates. Once you have chosen a date you will see the prices. Is your job not listed? Then select plumber per hour.

Plumber Rates Den Bosch Rates incl. VAT
Plumber hourly from €75/h
Same-day Service from €98/h
ServiceFee from €24,95
Optional Warranty from €4,95

Secure payment after completing the work

When the job has been completed to your satisfaction, the plumber will draw up the invoice for you on the spot. You can pay this per QR code or online via iDeal. Very simple, fast but above all safe.

Suppose you are not completely satisfied, then we will take action. We will then look for a solution for you. We usually ask the plumber to visit you again to solve the problem so that you are still satisfied.


Check out the top 6 best plumbers in Nijmegen

4.86/5 - 7 reviews

Montagebedrijf Raar Ferry Raar plumber

4.86/5 - 7 reviews

7 jobs completed
Netjes, behulpzaam, ruim op tijd, vriendelijk. Lekkage was binnen een uurtje opgelost. Aanrader.

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4.67/5 - 3 reviews

De Klusbron Jan Bron plumber

4.67/5 - 3 reviews

3 jobs completed
Klus geklaard. Prima resultaat.

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4.74/5 - 27 reviews

TR Installatiebedrijf Tim Roemos plumber

4.74/5 - 27 reviews

27 jobs completed
Goed geholpen, vriendelijk in contact!

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4.68/5 - 31 reviews

HD-Media Hans Dennekamp plumber

4.68/5 - 31 reviews

31 jobs completed
Ben zeer tevreden lekker snel en hij staat goed top service namens hans

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4/5 - 1 reviews

Hunik Onderhoud & Klussenbedrijf Wim Hunik plumber

4/5 - 1 reviews

1 jobs completed
Vriendelijke man, levert goed werk!

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If you need a plumber in Nijmegen quickly, it is often because you want to have a leak, blockage or other plumbing job done. Often you want to be helped urgently by a licensed plumber. Especially if you have had to turn off the main tap or if you can no longer use the sink due to a blockage, then it is important that the plumber arrives quickly.

We make sure that there is a plumber in your area quickly. We have a large network of screened and licensed plumbers with years of experience who will take care of your plumbing problem in no time. 

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