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Got a new dishwasher? Our professionals can often install a dishwasher within 1 hour. Even if some more work is involved, a professional can help you. Describe your job and make an appointment with a plumber in the neighborhood.

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installing a dishwasher

Do you no longer feel like disposing of a pile of dishes by hand every day and so you will soon be looking for a new dishwasher? Or is your current dishwasher clogged up? You can get this fixed via Zoofy

Then you are probably wondering how a dishwasher is connected and what the costs are. Get your dishwasher installed immediately via Zoofy. Be sure to read on here, as we have listed some useful tips and prices for you below.

Type of dishwasher

Choosing a particular type of dishwasher partly depends on your budget and your wishes. Do you want a small or a large model? Are you looking for a freestanding, under-counter or built-in appliance? A freestanding model is usually slightly cheaper than the other models. Since this type of dishwasher is placed loose in the kitchen, installing it is much easier than connecting a built-in one. You might therefore consider doing this yourself. An under-counter dishwasher combines features of a freestanding and a built-in dishwasher. When you remove the top of an undercounter model, it fits under the kitchen worktop, after which it can be connected. Most freestanding models are suitable for this purpose. Connecting a dishwasher is a job for a professional, especially if it is a built-in model.

Connecting a dishwasher costs

Prices for a built-in dishwasher vary widely: models are available from € 200 to € 2000. To connect them, you pay between € 100 and € 300. Several electrical appliances are used in the kitchen and often several at the same time. Therefore, to prevent the fuses from blowing, connecting a dishwasher sometimes requires an extra group in the meter cupboard. If there is no room for this, an extra box can be installed. A professional can give you more information about this. He knows exactly how to prevent unsafe situations when installing electricity. The costs for this vary between €200 and €500. The prices mentioned are all averages; the actual costs depend on your personal situation.

What to look out for

Have you found the right professional who will connect your new dishwasher? Give him as much information as possible about the job in advance. Also make clear agreements about exactly what needs to be done, what the costs will be and if and how much will be charged for additional work.

Points of attention here are

- the brand and type of dishwasher to be installed
- whether it is a freestanding, undercounter or built-in model
- whether another dishwasher is currently connected and, if so, whether you will remove it yourself or will have to do so
- do you want to connect the dishwasher in place of the old one? If you provide the make and type numbers of both the old and the new dishwasher, he can check in advance, if he has livestock

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