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If an old radiator has become redundant, have it removed professionally. The technician will drain the heating system, remove the radiator from the wall, and carefully plug the pipes. Make an appointment with a professional in the neighborhood.

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Have your radiator removed by a professional

Replacing a radiator is a job that many people dread. However, sometimes it is a job that just has to be done. Fortunately, you don't have to do it yourself. We at Zoofy have experts in house who are happy to do it for you. In this article you can read more about us, about replacing radiators, removing radiators and, for example, the costs involved.

Why replace a radiator?

There are several reasons why people choose to replace their current radiator for another one. Firstly, it may be that the radiator does not (no longer) match the interior or is not the owner's taste. New-build houses often use standard models, which can be replaced by radiators that you do like or that better suit the interior. Older radiators are often a lot bigger than the newer, more compact models. So it also saves space.

Another reason to replace your radiator could be that you want more warmth in your home. Most standard models are single radiators. If you want more heat in your home, you can choose to replace the current radiator for a double radiator. This has a higher capacity and therefore gives off more heat. However, you should make sure your central heating boiler can handle this. You will need fewer radiators for this, which means you will have to remove some of them. You can read more about this later in this article.

If you have a heat pump and want to use it for low-temperature heating, you also need other radiators that can handle this. By doing so, you will use less energy and make your home more sustainable. So this can also be a reason to replace your radiators.

How does the professional replace a radiator?

To replace radiators properly, the professional should take several steps. First, he turns off the central heating boiler and lets all the water flow out of the pipes. This is then checked after which the radiator can be removed. Next, he expertly hangs the new radiator and, if necessary, cuts the new pipes to size. These are screwed on and the radiator is ready for use. Of course, this is explained very briefly and to the point, but a professional knows exactly what to do to replace a radiator.

Bleeding your radiator

When you are going to replace your radiator because it is no longer working properly, it is important to first check carefully whether you cannot solve the problem by bleeding the radiator. It could just be that there is air in your pipes or radiator, causing it to give off less heat. By bleeding the radiator, this air can get out and the radiator will work properly again. When replacing a radiator, venting is also part of the process. Once the new radiator is in place, the expert will bleed it and restore the pressure from the boiler. This way, you can immediately enjoy optimal operation and heat output.i

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