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Have your bath installed via Zoofy. Book your plumber directly here for the installation of the bathtub. No hassle with quotations and no call-out costs.

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Have your bathtub installed by Zoofy

You have decided to have a bathtub installed or replaced. This is a big job best left to a professional plumber. A plumber has the knowledge and experience to properly install or replace the bathtub.

What are the benefits of having a bathtub installed by a plumber

The benefits of having a professional plumber install or replace a bathtub are:

You are guaranteed a good result
You get guaranteed quality
You get professional advice on the best solution for your situation
You get a warranty on the work

Costs of installing a bathtub

The potential cost of having a professional plumber install or replace a bathtub can vary, depending on the scope of the job. Costs can include material costs, labor costs and any additional fees. Therefore, it is important to get a quote from the plumber in advance. This includes different types of costs. Curious about the comprehensive cost breakdown of installing a bathtub? Read our price guide on bathtub installation. 

Leave bathtub installation to a professional plumber

It's always best to have a bathtub installed or replaced by a professional plumber. That way you're assured of a good result and guaranteed quality. The costs may vary, so get a quote from the plumber in advance. Through Zoofy you can easily book a plumber who can install your bath. Simple and without fuss. Instantly the right professional. There are many different types of bathtubs and different installation methods. 


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