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Zoofy: reviews, complaints and reliability

Friday 29 April 2022

You are guaranteed to find the right person at Zoofy

When you want to have a job done in your home by a reliable professional, you obviously only want to hire a real professional. In addition to his professionalism, you must also be able to trust the tradesman himself. This is important because the professional will visit you for a longer period of time. <That's why Zoofy asks all its customers, once the job is done, to leave an honest review on the website. If for some reason you are not or less satisfied with the work done, please share it with others. Only together with our customers can we guarantee quality. That's why we always ask for your opinion. With Zoofy reviews you also give future customers an idea about the craftsmen which are available through Zoofy. Based on all the experiences of other customers, you'll get a good idea about the different craftsmen.

And does a "professional" score less than a 3,7? Then we have no mercy and that "professional" will be removed from the platform. In this way, Zoofy guarantees the quality and reliability where they stand.

Looking for Zoofy reviews on reliable professionals?

Reviews are very important for Zoofy. All craftsmen who register on the platform of Zoofy are carefully screened by Zoofy. We always check if the professional is registered at the Chamber of Commerce. This is one of the conditions to be allowed to join the platform of Zoofy. Furthermore, our craftsmen only work with the very best materials, from screw to steel beam, from paint to circular saw, everything is of the best quality. The reviews that our customers provide ultimately determine whether we continue to work with certain craftsmen.

Zoofy Warranty Package

If, despite all the precautions taken, in one way or another you are not satisfied with the work performed, always report this, first to the professional or to Zoofy. We'll be happy to help you find a solution. For this, it is important that you never pay the professional directly but only via Ideal or a Tikkie to Zoofy.