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General Terms and Conditions


The terms and conditions that apply to the use of Zoofy. By placing a job request you agree to the following.

Article 1.  In these terms and conditions the following definitions apply:

  1. We/us: Zoofy BV, located at Amstelveenseweg 88 in Amsterdam, registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 63693771 and can be reached through our customer service portal:
  2. You/Your: the natural or legal person who as a client uses Zoofy to find a professional.
  3. Professional: the freelancer or other legal person who confirms your job request and performs the jobs
  4. Agreement: the agreement that arises between you - the client - and the professional because you give the assignment to a professional through Zoofy to perform a job. 


Article 2. What is Zoofy?

  1. We have set up the website for you to ensure that you can quickly and directly make an appointment with a professional for a job in and around the house.
  2. On our site we have selected jobs you can have done. We show all prices including VAT. The rates we show are always exclusive of any materials and other additional costs unless otherwise stated. 
  3. When selecting a job you fill in your details so that the professional who comes to help you has the correct address and phone number. 
  4. We only release your details to the professional who will do your job. Otherwise we do not share your information.
  5. The moment you submit your request these conditions apply. Once your job request is confirmed, a contract is established between the professional and you - the client - to perform the job. You also enter into a payment obligation with Zoofy for the payment of the invoice you receive after the visit of the professional.
  6. Once a professional accepts your job request you will receive a confirmation of the appointment by email. 
  7. We do our best to find a craftsman for the times (day and time) you enter in your job request. Unfortunately this is not always possible. Sometimes all the tradesmen are too busy and the empty spaces in the calendar are scarce. We will notify you by email.

Article 3. What are the costs?

  1. Prior to booking a professional, we show current prices for all jobs. Depending on the type of job we show an hourly rate, a fixed price, square meter price, or a price per meter. All rates include VAT. Materials, parking fees and any other costs are never included unless specifically stated. 
  2. If you do not purchase the materials yourself, a surcharge of 15% over the material cost will be charged by Zoofy. If the craftsman arrives at the job and finds out on the spot that materials are needed that he was not aware of, he may charge for the time spent buying and collecting materials. 
  3. Some jobs are offered as "fixed price" jobs. You may then assume that the job will be done for that amount. It can happen that such a job becomes more expensive, for example because the actual situation does not correspond to the description or because additional work is required. It is important that the craftsman informs you of this and gives you an explanation as to why it is more expensive. As the client, you should also always keep a finger on the pulse and inform yourself. That way, you won't have any surprises.
  4. Prices can vary from day to day and at any time and the amount depends on when you want to be helped. If you want to be helped the same day (emergency), tomorrow, during the weekend or in the evening you usually pay more. Zoofy is entitled to change the rates shown on the website at any time. This can happen in case of extreme traffic. 
  5. Zoofy is not a comparison site where you can request quotes without any obligation. With us you make an appointment directly to perform a job at a fixed rate at the time that suits you best. An expert spends time (and therefore money) preparing a professional quote. The professional may charge €50 for the time he spends visiting you, assessing the situation and preparing a quotation. If you want a free quote, state this explicitly in the description. That way professionals can decide whether or not they want to respond.
  6. We do not charge call-out fees. However, we do charge a service fee after completing a job. The applicable rate is shown before sending your request. This service fee covers the costs we incur to help you find a professional as quickly as possible. 
  7. If the requested job cannot be performed due to external factors but a professional has performed research, he may issue a research invoice at €50 + the applicable service fee and warranty package (if chosen). 

Article 4. Payments

  1. After completion of the job, the professional will draw up an invoice. You will receive this by email. You pay the invoice directly after completion of the job via the QR code on the app or via the iDeal payment link in the email. In case you don't receive a direct payment you have to pay the invoice to Zoofy within 4 days after finishing the job. Zoofy keeps the received amount for at least 14 days before it is paid to the professional. This way we can be sure the job was actually done properly. 
  2. Direct payment to the professional is not allowed.
  3. You are only entitled to warranty, support, and mediation by us when the invoice has been paid to Zoofy. Also when you have extra work done outside (the platform of) Zoofy you lose the right to warranty. 
  4. As a client you are only entitled to temporarily suspend payment if you are of the opinion that the job was done improperly. Make this known as soon as possible and in any case within 72 hours after receipt of the invoice. When doing so, clearly state the reason why payment will be suspended. A tradesman should always be given the opportunity to inspect the work so he can determine whether faulty work has actually been completed and how it can be remedied.
  5. The minimum purchase is always 1 hour of labor, even if the job may have been done within the hour. Without this minimum purchase, it does not pay for a professional to come to you even for smaller jobs. 
  6. The person making the request is considered by us to be the client and is therefore always responsible for timely payment. 

Article 5. Canceling an appointment or request

  1. As long as your request has not been accepted by a professional, you can cancel it free of charge. You can do this yourself via the booking page for your job. You can reach this page via the link in the email you receive from us. 
  2. The following applies to all accepted (confirmed) jobs: 
    1. Up to 48 hours before the job starts, you can always cancel free of charge via the booking page. 
    2. Within 48 hours before the job starts you pay a small fee. This comes down to the applicable service fee that Zoofy charges you. 
    3. If the professional is already on the road or is standing in front of a closed door, an expense fee of €30, - incl VAT plus the service fee for using Zoofy will be charged.
  3. An accepted (confirmed) rush job for today or tomorrow can never be canceled free of charge. This is because the professional has already incurred costs in preparation for the job and for transportation to the location for the job.

Article 6. Reporting problems or complaints

  1. Zoofy does its utmost to help you as best as possible. We also ask the connected professionals to perform every job to your full satisfaction. Unfortunately it can never be excluded that something does not go right.
  2. If as a customer you have a complaint about Zoofy and the service we provide - finding a professional for your job - you can report this via the online complaint form or by e-mail. 
  3. If the complaint relates to the quality of the work done, you should always first submit the complaint to the professional (contact details are in the emails you receive). Should the complaint not be resolved to your satisfaction, you can call on Zoofy for advice and mediation. Please keep the following in mind: 
    1. We may ask another professional to come on site to see with our own eyes what is going on. There must actually be gross negligence or damage done during the work by the professional. 
    2. You give the first professional the opportunity to still fix the problem for you. A professional always has the right to a second chance. This is determined by law. Always give the professional the opportunity to finish the job to your satisfaction.If in the meantime you let another party solve the problem or you have paid the professional directly (outside the Zoofy platform), we can no longer play a role in the repair or possible (re)payment. We can then never find out what happened.
  4. If the tradesman has caused damage, you can hold him liable up to the amount his liability insurance covers. But not higher than the direct damage suffered. 
  5. Zoofy does not tell the professional how to do his job. If you have doubts about his ability, break off the work immediately and contact us. We will then work with you to find a solution.

Article 7. Other matters

  1. After complete completion of the job, you have the opportunity to submit a review of the craftsman. We are very happy when you do this, and we may even display your review outside our website. Because we are proud of it, or because we can learn from it. When posting a review you give us permission to use your review on and other places (for promotional purposes). 
  2. We assume that you submit an honest review. In case of doubt or in case of unacceptable language we may not allow your review. Based on customer reviews we determine whether we can (continue to) offer craftsman jobs.
  3. We are constantly improving our website. Therefore, our site may change at any time and may not even be the same for everyone. 
  4. To improve our website, we collect data. We do that with (first party) cookies. Basically, we don't know who you are, but we do know what you do on our website. We do this for all visitors. This gives us a good understanding of how our website is used.
  5. If you enter data with us for sending your job request, you always have the option to have it changed or even deleted.
  6. The information on our website is compiled and maintained with great care. Despite our care, it is possible that you may find typographical errors. We accept no liability for such errors. All information on our websites is therefore subject to printing and typing errors.
  7. Dutch law applies to our terms and conditions.
  8. In case one of the articles would be invalid, this does not automatically mean that all articles can be considered invalid.
  9. Zoofy can change the terms and conditions at all times and is also entitled to make these changes.
  10. Should a situation arise that is not described in our terms and conditions, Dutch law will apply at all times. We hope it does not happen, but should we meet in court, it will be in Amsterdam.
  11. If you have any questions about these terms and conditions, feel free to ask. Go to our customer service portal to do so.

Last modified November 7, 2022