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Do you need a painter?

Are you looking for a local painter? You've come to the right site. Whether you want your home or business premises painted, we can help you find the best person for the job. Do you need to have your building painted on the outside? Or do you need to get the interior painted? Or perhaps you need to have some fittings or furniture painted? Whatever type of painter you need, we can help you find the right person to do the best possible job. We have a network of painters on our site and the one for you is surely registered with us.

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Popular Painter jobs

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Skills of a painter

A painter is a highly skilled individual. He or she needs to be able to communicate with clients about the type of job required. Sometimes, a client who is unfamiliar with the language of the painting trade may ask for something totally other than what he wants. The painter has to try to understand the true requirement. The painter should be able to clean and prepare a surface before painting. He should be able to do a painting job while ensuring that other areas of the property don’t get damaged in the process. He should know how long it takes for a surface to dry after it’s been painted. He should be familiar with the various tools of the trade, the brushes and paints. He also needs to be able to balance on a ladder while working. A painter is a skilled professional with an impressive range of skills. You can find your painter right here on our website. We have an impressive network of painters, ready for you to search through.

How you can hire a local painter via Zoofy

Zoofy has hundreds of skilled workers registered on the site, who can carry out all types of home and office maintenance and repair jobs for you. They are all qualified and experienced. They are also all professionally checked. Go to the site, find the painter page and use the search function to find a local painter who can carry out the type of job you want to get done. Soon, you’ll have a selection of painters from which to choose. Select your chosen painter according to the one you think is best suited to your job. You'll also need to know how soon he or she will be available.

The average costs of a painter

As mentioned, painters are highly skilled workers. Therefore, they don’t come cheap. A painter generally costs €50 per hour. The cost of paint and materials will be extra. That’s why you want to find the right painter as quickly as possible, without wasting time. If you contact our website to find the right person, you will save a lot of time and trouble. We provide the rate also, to save you from wasting time in research and negotiations.


We cover all the big cities in the Netherlands

The Zoofy service covers a wide area of the Netherlands. It’s our aim to cover the whole country, but as of now, we’re covering the main areas. We continue to grow. By now, our service is to be found in the national capital, Amsterdam. However, you will also find us in Rotterdam. Not only there, but you will find our presence in Utrecht also. We have also spread our influence into Almere and Groningen. We are spreading all over the country. We look forward to the day when we can be found in every corner of the Netherlands. As we progress, that day will arrive.

The advantages of hiring a painter via Zoofy

If you hire your painter via Zoofy, you'll benefit in many ways. As explained, you'll find a selection of approved people to carry out your job. That’s a huge amount of work already prepared in advance. All these workers and have been found suitable. The ones shown to you are the ones who are conveniently located in or near your area. You can find whichever one is available for your work, or whichever one you feel is most suitable for your work and book them. As also explained earlier, the rate for the work is set. You don’t need to waste time asking around about the rate and negotiating. All that prior research is already completed by us. You only need to use the rate provided by Zoofy. Zoofy acts as a mediator between the customer and the home/office decorating professional. It acts in the best interests of both. Coming up with a fair price for both sides. Ensuring that both sides are protected in the deal. Zoofy is an ideal marketplace, bringing both customer and service person together. There are a few other advantages to finding your maintenance/repair people through Zoofy. One important advantage must surely be the fact that over 200,000 customers have used the service to find someone to carry out their maintenance and decorating jobs. Such a number of people using the service means that it has to be the best. Another advantage is that your job is insured for up to €2.5 million. You are covered if anything goes wrong. Finally, there's no call out charge. Think about it. You won’t do better than Zoofy.

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