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Furniture painting

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Give your old cupboard or table a new color and it fits completely into the interior. Call in a professional who will do it for you. The pro will neatly sand the furniture, update bad spots and finish in the color you want. Describe your job and make an appointment directly with a painter in your area.

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Painting your furniture

Have you found a nice side table somewhere but it doesn't quite match the rest of your furniture? Or have you recently installed a new kitchen and the colour of your chairs does not match your new interior at all? Maybe you want to varnish or lacquer your tables? With a thorough sanding and a lick of paint, you can breathe new life into your old furniture in no time. Do you have little or no understanding of furniture painting yourself? Zoofy's painters will be happy to do the job for you!

What is the point of painting furniture?

Painting your old (or slightly more modern) furniture can be done for several reasons:

You have a new interior: When you buy a different bath or shower, it may happen that your bathroom furniture does not match nicely with your new plumbing. In this case, you can varnish and/or repaint your bathroom cabinets so that the whole thing does match nicely again. You can also do the same if you decide to change your kitchen.
Your new or second-hand furniture doesn't fit in your home: Imagine you bought the sofa of your dreams but unfortunately it doesn't go well with your other furniture. In this case, you can keep both your sofa and your furniture by painting your furniture. This way, you can choose the shade that goes with your brand new sofa.
Your furniture is in poor condition: Old tables, chairs or cupboards no longer look as fresh as when they were bought. Do you find it hard to say goodbye to your old furniture? By lacquering or varnishing chairs or a table, you can make your beloved furniture look like brand new again. Within the span of a few hours, you can have your favourite piece of furniture undergo a complete transformation.
You want to save money: Do you feel like giving your home a new look without having to spend too much money in the process? Then furniture painting is also a good option. After all, you already know that your old furniture suits your personal preferences, so when you buy new ones, you first have to look for something that suits your taste. Moreover, unused furniture is a lot more expensive!

What are the costs for painting furniture?

Exactly how much furniture painting, varnishing or lacquering costs depends on the condition of the paint. If you decide to go to a painting company for the removal of the old paint, you will very quickly pay several hundred euros per piece of furniture. The price of (base) paint usually fluctuates around €15 per square metre and €50 will go a long way towards the materials needed to paint furniture. Think paint cleaner, degreaser, a few sheets of sandpaper...and so on.

As you have already read, we at Zoofy always charge fixed hourly rates so that you know in advance exactly what you can expect. We can paint furniture from as little as € 49 per hour including VAT.

Are you planning to give your favourite pieces of furniture a new lease of life so that you can enjoy them indefinitely? Then make sure you get excellent work done according to your wishes by booking one of our painters!

Leave furniture painting to our professionals

Would you like to have your furniture rejuvenated, but do you lead a very busy life and do not have the time to do this yourself? Then call on one of our many professional handymen. Thanks to their years of traditional experience, they know better than anyone else what to look out for when painting furniture. Moreover, they are all equipped with all the necessary tools and know perfectly which paint goes with which type of furniture.

How does furniture painting work?

The right approach when painting furniture is essential for optimal results. Our experts use the following method:

Furniture whose paint layer is still in good condition
1) Cleaning the furniture: Using degreaser or paint cleaner, the furniture to be treated is thoroughly cleaned. Afterwards, they are washed with lukewarm water.
2) Sanding: The furniture is sanded with a few sheets of sandpaper and made dust-free.
3) Application of primer: Our painter mixes and thins the paint where necessary to apply the primer. After the primer is completely dry, he sands the furniture a second time.
4) Application of the top coat: During furniture painting, the top coat is applied in the same way as the base coat. Depending on your own requirements, you can go for glossy or matt paint.
Furniture in which the paint layer is no longer in good condition

When the paint is in very poor condition, sanding alone is not sufficient and the paint will have to be renewed in another way.

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