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Painting drywall

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Do you want to have your drywall painted? Have the drywall finished by a painter from Zoofy. You do not pay any call-out costs!

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Plasterboard painting by a painter from Zoofy

Have you just had plasterboard installed, but is it not finished yet? Then you can choose to paint your plasterboards. Find out more about the costs of plasterboard painting and the possibilities below!

What can you use plasterboard for?

Starting in the 1930s, plasterboard was increasingly used for all sorts of applications. Even today, they are still widely used. Plasterboard is cheap and easy to install. Nowadays they are mainly used to install a partition wall, so that an extra room can be created. They are also used to place over old walls, so that the wall looks like new again with a nice finish.

But they can also be used for ceilings. After installing the plasterboard, you can either paint the plasterboard or have it beautifully finished with stucco. Would you like to place a partition wall or give your walls a nice new look? Then you can find the best professional in your area at Zoofy. But even if you have already placed plasterboard, one of our professionals can paint or plaster it.

The possibilities

Once you have placed drywall, it needs to be finished off nicely. Drywall painting is one option, but there are a number of other things that are important when finishing drywall. We give you an overview below!

Filling holes and seams

The finishing of plasterboard includes filling holes and seams. If you don't have this done, it will have a sloppy appearance. For a nice, smooth result, have the professional fill up the irregularities with plasterboard filler or, if there are many holes, with mortar. You can fill the holes yourself if you want to save some money.

Once the holes have been filled, the whole thing should be lightly sanded. Sanding the plasterboards is more difficult than you think, because it is important that this is done carefully. Would you rather not take any risks? Then have the whole thing finished by a professional!

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