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What does a glazier do?

A glazier is someone who, as the name suggests, places or replaces windows. This can be in houses and flats, but also in larger buildings such as factories and schools.

Besides being skilled in placing different types of glass (think of single or double glazed windows), a glazier can also give good advice on the different types of windows. Cutting glass to size is also often part of a glazier's job.

Another part of the glazier's job is to install or replace window frames. This is often done at the same time as replacing the glass to save on costs.

The best glaziers in your area

How do you easily get in touch with the best glaziers, what is the average price of glaziers and how do you save on the costs of a glazier? Zoofy explains it all and puts you quickly and easily in contact with the best glaziers in your area!

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