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More benefits with the Zoofy warranty package

In the unlikely event that something goes wrong between you and the independent professional, the Zoofy Warranty Package ensures that the job you've booked will be done at the price you agreed upon.

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About the warrenty package

The Zoofy Warranty Package is an optional warranty that aims to protect jobs booked through So if something unexpectedly goes wrong with your job and you have the warranty package, we will make sure that this job is completed successfully at no extra cost. You pay €4.95 per job for this guarantee package.

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This is how you get the full guarantee for your job

  1. 1Describe your job
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  3. 3Book your craftsman with guarantee

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Booking a craftsman is free and cancellations can be made up to 48 hours in advance. To match you with the best tradesman for your job, all you have to do is fill out the questions on the job form. It's that simple.

"We had booked a professional to install a rain shower in the bathroom. During installation a tile broke, then I was glad I opted for the warranty. Less than a week later Zoofy had it repaired free of charge." Alex H, Amsterdam

Warranty package information document

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