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General Terms and Conditions for the use of as a professional


  1. Zoofy BV, Amstelveenseweg 88-4, 1075 XJ, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 63693771 (hereinafter: ZOOFY) has as its main objective the bringing together of supply and demand so that it is for private individuals and companies CUSTOMER / CLIENT) it is possible via the website (hereinafter: PLATFORM) to easily hire professionals registered at the Chamber of Commerce (hereinafter: PROFESSIONAL) for the performance of work (hereinafter: KLUSSEN). The use of our platform as well as the other services of ZOOFY are exclusively in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions.
  2. Deviations from these General Terms and Conditions must be expressly permitted by ZOOFY.
  3. Unless otherwise agreed, the General Terms and Conditions in the version valid at the time of registration by PROFESSIONAL, or in the latest version communicated to him in writing, serve as a legal framework for facilitating the conclusion of (further) agreement between PROFESSIONAL and CUSTOMER / CLIENT.


  1. PROFESSIONAL is registered with the Chamber of Commerce and performs professional jobs / repairs in the broadest sense of the word for private individuals and companies.
  2. These General Terms and Conditions apply to the continuous use of facilities made available by ZOOFY for the conclusion of agreements between PROFESSIONAL and CUSTOMER / CLIENT regarding the performance of work and the commercial settlement of such agreements between CUSTOMER / CLIENT and PROFESSIONAL by ZOOFY.
  3. No contract for work is concluded between ZOOFY and the PROFESSIONAL nor between ZOOFY and the CUSTOMER / CLIENT by order of the PROFESSIONAL. When confirming a job request, PROFESSIONAL enters into an agreement with the CUSTOMER / CLIENT.
  4. ZOOFY continuously facilitates the conclusion of an agreement for work between PROFESSIONAL and the CUSTOMER / CLIENT on behalf of the PROFESSIONAL and receives a commission from the PROFESSIONAL on the total amount invoiced for work performed under this agreement for work.
  5. Payments from the CUSTOMER / CLIENT for the work performed are facilitated by ZOOFY through a licensed payment service provider (payment service provider). CUSTOMER / CLIENT always pays ZOOFY via Tikkie, iDeal or by bank transfer.
  6. ZOOFY checks the registration and confirms the registration to the PROFESSIONAL by e-mail after the check has been completed, while also announcing that the full user account can be used to receive job requests. At that time, the user agreement is concluded between ZOOFY and PROFESSIONAL, to which these General Terms and Conditions apply.
  7. The PROFESSIONAL authorizes ZOOFY by concluding the user agreement at the same time as a representative with the authority to conclude agreements on behalf of PROFESSIONAL and to represent the PROFESSIONAL towards the CUSTOMER / CLIENT. For the rest, the PROFESSIONAL, by concluding the user agreement, also agrees that the data required for payment processing will be shared with ZOOFY.


  1. The PROFESSIONAL requests ZOOFY to be allowed to use the facilities of ZOOFY (user agreement) by agreeing to and accepting these General Terms and Conditions and by registering on the platform and purchasing a membership.

  2. The minimum duration of a paid membership is one year, or one month. PROFESSIONAL can cancel the membership in writing with an email to [email protected], a notice period of one month applies. If no notice is given, the membership will be automatically renewed for another month, with an invoice being generated automatically.

  3. When registering, the PROFESSIONAL must truthfully state the data in accordance with article 6 and submit any documents mentioned there. All memberships already paid will NOT be refunded. The PLATFORM reserves the right to cancel all or part of the contract with immediate effect and without prior notice of default in the following situations:

    a. If the COMPANY fails to fulfil its obligations, including professional misconduct;

    b. If the VAKMAN applies for or is granted reversal of payment herein;

    c. If a bankruptcy petition is filed against the COMPANY, or if the COMPANY itself is declared bankrupt;

    d. If the FASTER liquidates or ceases its business;

    f. If control of the FAMILY's business passes to a third party;

    g. If VAKMAN is deemed unable to fulfil its obligations under the contract.

    If timely payment is not made by the PROFESSIONAL, then the PROFESSIONAL shall be in default without other notice of default and the PLATFORM may claim the fee, starting from the day on which the payment period has expired. This will be offset against outstanding purchase invoices if possible.




  1. ZOOFY receives requests via the platform, via the ZOOFY app, by telephone, by sms or by e-mail for work by CUSTOMER / CLIENT AND (job request or offer) and sorts the job request by location, time and to be executed activities.
  2. ZOOFY facilitates the CUSTOMER / CLIENT's job request and automatically searches for suitable PROFESSIONAL MAN and forwards the job request (as a rule by e-mail, text message, via the ZOOFY portal, the ZOOFY app or by telephone).
  3. The PROFESSIONAL informs ZOOFY via the platform, via the ZOOFY app, by telephone, by SMS or e-mail whether he accepts a job request from a CUSTOMER / CLIENT. If a professional accepts the job request, the job request will be blocked for any other professional.
  4. ZOOFY accepts the offer from the CUSTOMER / CLIENT on behalf of the PROFESSIONAL who was the first to accept the job request by informing the CUSTOMER / CLIENT about this by e-mail and confirming the order. This concludes an agreement for work between PROFESSIONAL and the CUSTOMER / CLIENT.
  5. ZOOFY acts as a mediator and is not a party to the contract for work.
  6. The PROFESSIONAL performs the agreement concluded with his CUSTOMER/CLIENT for work under his own responsibility and liability. ZOOFY is not responsible and/or liable for the execution and fulfillment of the agreement for work by the PROFESSIONAL.


  1. ZOOFY is mandatory to:
    a) manage the platform and offer the services of PROFESSIONAL there with the specialism (s) indicated by him or her and location for activities;
    b) to constantly manage a user account for PROFESSIONAL, on which the contract concluded for work that has been established using the facilities of ZOOFY can be viewed.
    c) send matching job requests from the CUSTOMER / CLIENT to the PROFESSIONAL on the specialty (s) and location offered by the PROFESSIONAL;
    d) in case of a commitment by the PROFESSIONAL to the CUSTOMER / CLIENT to accept the job application on his or her behalf;
  2. ZOOFY draws up invoices for the work carried out on the basis of data entered by PROFESSIONAL and arranges dispatch to the CUSTOMER / CLIENT.
  3. ZOOFY processes the bookings and cancellations of the CUSTOMER / CLIENT (the ZOOFY is free to charge the CUSTOMER / CLIENT its own cancellation costs). If the CUSTOMER / CLIENT wishes to change an appointment for work or to cancel the booking, ZOOFY will immediately inform PROFESSIONAL of this by text message, e-mail, push message or telephone.
  4. ZOOFY receives complaints from CUSTOMER/CLIENTS and forwards them to the PROFESSIONAL, who can check and possibly resolve them. The PROFESSIONAL will inform ZOOFY if an invoice should not be sent due to complaints or if the CUSTOMER/CLIENT should receive a credit note. ZOOFY is also free to offer CUSTOMER/CLIENTS a suitable solution and to charge these costs to the PROFESSIONAL. ZOOFY will inform the PROFESSIONAL thereof in advance by e-mail, SMS or telephone.


  1. When registering on the platform, the PROFESSIONAL sends or provides the following data/documents to ZOOFY:
    a) valid name and address details (company name, first name, last name, business address, Chamber of Commerce and VAT number)
    b) his/her specialism(s) and place, or possible locations of the work offered;
    c) email address, telephone number;
    d) valid and complete bank details;
  2. ZOOFY has the right to request references about work as a PROFESSIONAL - for example from former clients.
  3. In the event of a change to the above information, the PROFESSIONAL is obliged to inform ZOOFY immediately. Moreover, the PROFESSIONAL hereby confirms that he is aware that no job requests can be forwarded to the PROFESSIONAL without submitting the requested data and documents.
  4. After completion of each job obtained via the ZOOFY PLATFORM, PROFESSIONAL will draw up an invoice for the work performed in the application developed by ZOOFY. An invoice consists of the wages for hours worked and the materials used. After shipment, ZOOFY will ensure that this invoice is correctly delivered to the CUSTOMER/CLIENTS by e-mail or post.
  5. Because the PROFESSIONAL is not an employee of ZOOFY, the PROFESSIONAL is responsible for the correct payment of taxes and premiums and for taking out occupational disability insurance.
  6. As a PROFESSIONAL, when taking on a job, you are obligated to have liability insurance with sufficient cover.
  7. There is no obligation for PROFESSIONAL to accept job requests. The PROFESSIONAL authorizes ZOOFY to accept job requests and to hand over the declarations necessary for the completion of the assignment in accordance with his instructions.
  8. The PROFESSIONAL informs ZOOFY via the platform or by telephone about changes in the short term with regard to work already booked, in particular when it is expected that these will be delayed, so that ZOOFY can immediately inform the CUSTOMER/CLIENT.
  9. If work is not carried out due to PROFESSIONAL or if PROFESSIONAL does not submit an invoice for an accepted job application within 2 days after the execution date, ZOOFY will charge the VAKMAN an irrevocable standard amount/fine (formerly job fee) of €149 (incl. VAT) due to lost income.
  10. The PROFESSIONAL agrees to the submission of his address and contact details to the CUSTOMER/CLIENT, insofar as these are expressly requested by the CUSTOMER/CLIENT, the request is related to a booked order and there is a demonstrable reason for this (e.g. handling of claims to the PROFESSIONAL).


  1. CUSTOMER/CLIENT enters into a distance contract with PROFESSIONAL. This means that CUSTOMER/CLIENT can dissolve the agreement within 14 calendar days after receipt of confirmation without stating reasons. This does not apply if: a) the job is fully completed within the cooling-off period b) the application concerns an urgent repair. Urgent means a job that must be carried out within 4 hours. These jobs are offered on PLATFORM under the options: URGENT and TOMORROW.
  2. If a CUSTOMER/CLIENT cancels less than 24 hours before the start of the work and if the PROFESSIONAL is already on his way to the CUSTOMER/CLIENT's location, presses the 'I'm on my way' button and can demonstrate that he was present at the correct DIY address, the PROFESSIONAL can claim the agreed compensation in the amount of the price of €25, if and insofar as the CUSTOMER/CLIENT has paid this via the payment service provider.
  3. ZOOFY will charge the relevant fees to the CUSTOMER/CLIENT on behalf of PROFESSIONAL, unless PROFESSIONAL indicates otherwise immediately after notification of the cancellation.


  1. All payments from the CUSTOMER / CLIENT to the PROFESSIONAL for the reimbursement of the work are made through ZOOFY. All payments include VAT.
  2. The current prices for work are stated on the platform and are sent to PROFESSIONAL with every job request. The prices apply per hour or if so indicated for a fixed rate. ZOOFY has the right to update prices. ZOOFY must inform PROFESSIONAL about this in good time. PROFESSIONAL is then free to decide whether or not to take on work (or request for a job) at the updated price. If the CUSTOMER / CLIENT wishes to receive a price indication for the planned work, the PROFESSIONAL is free to agree on a total price with the CUSTOMER / CLIENT.
  3. ZOOFY is free to use its own CUSTOMER rates. These deviate from the compensation (mentioned under Article 8 paragraph 2) that the PROFESSIONAL receives for the performance of his work.
  4. If the CUSTOMER/CLIENTS wishes to receive a price indication for the planned work, the PROFESSIONAL is free to agree a total price with the CUSTOMER/CLIENTS at its own discretion. ZOOFY has the right to withhold a fee of at least 15% as earnings for the mediation.
  5. ZOOFY is at all times entitled to withhold amounts at the expense of PROFESSIONAL from the compensation/cancellation costs paid by the CUSTOMER/CLIENT in accordance with Article 7 of these General Terms and Conditions.
  6. ZOOFY uses a system of 'reversed billing'. After completion of each job (job request), ZOOFY sends the PROFESSIONAL by e-mail or in the application developed by it a specification of the compensation that PROFESSIONAL receives for the completed job.
  7. Payment to the CUSTOMER/CLIENT generally takes place every week. The payout date usually is on a Monday. On public holidays this will be on the next working day. 
  8. ZOOFY will wait with payment for a period of at least 29 days, during which the CUSTOMER/CLIENT can report complaints about the work performed. If no complaint has been reported and the invoice has been paid, the invoice will be paid the following Monday.
  9. The service fee and fees paid directly to ZOOFY by CUSTOMER/CLIENT are not part of the fee from which PROFESSIONAL can derive rights.
  10. If the agreed job appointment between CUSTOMER and CUSTOMER/CLIENTS is not carried out without prior notice from CUSTOMER prior to the start of the work, and the CUSTOMER/CLIENTS therefore does not pay, ZOOFY is entitled to compensation amounting to 15% of the invoice amount. The same applies in the event that the CUSTOMER/CLIENTS refuses to pay on the basis of a defective performance of the work or submits a complaint about the communication/action of the PROFESSIONAL.
  11. If the PROFESSIONAL cancels less than 24 hours before the start of the assignment due to a circumstance that can be attributed to the PROFESSIONAL, ZOOFY is entitled to the irrevocable standard amount/fine (formerly a job fee) of €149 for lost income.
  12. The PROFESSIONAL is responsible for collecting unpaid fees, although ZOOFY takes care of the entire collection process if, after completion of the work, the PROFESSIONAL has received a signature from CUSTOMER/CLIENT and no complaints have been received regarding the work.
  13. The amounts and/or fines to be paid by PROFESSIONAL to ZOOFY may be deducted from the payment to be received from PROFESSIONAL. In the event of cancellation less than 24 hours before the start of the job and/or in the event of no-shows and/or poor performance of the job, an irrevocable standard amount/fine (previously job fee) of €149 due to lost income will be charged to PROFESSIONAL. 
  14. If PROFESSIONAL accepts an ORDER for which PROFESSIONAL has to pay acceptance costs, ZOOFY is entitled to leave these costs with the CUSTOMER also in the event of cancellation of the ORDER.


  1. If the PROFESSIONAL wants to deliver further work of whatever nature to a CUSTOMER/CLIENTS (or is requested by a CUSTOMER/CLIENTS to deliver this) for which the PROFESSIONAL has received an order via ZOOFY in the past 24 months, the PROFESSIONAL will state to CLIENT that a job application via ZOOFY is required for this. PROFESSIONALS must immediately inform ZOOFY about this, after which the confirmation of the job is immediately put in the name of the PROFESSIONAL.
  2. If the PROFESSIONAL accepts new requests for work from a CUSTOMER/CLIENT related to ZOOFY that are not settled via the platform, ZOOFY is entitled to payment of reasonable compensation for the loss of income in the amount of 1000 euros excluding VAT.
  3. If the PROFESSIONAL charges work (or part of the work) outside ZOOFY's account to a CUSTOMER/CLIENT, ZOOFY is entitled to payment of reasonable compensation for the loss of income in the amount of 1000 euros excluding VAT.


  1. ZOOFY is not liable for the execution of the contract for work by the PROFESSIONAL and / or the CUSTOMER / CLIENT.
  2. For the rest, ZOOFY is liable in accordance with the legal regulations in the event of a violation of contractual and non-contractual obligations by ZOOFY. However, ZOOFY is only liable for compensation - irrespective of the legal basis - for intent and gross negligence. In the event of gross negligence, ZOOFY is only liable for damage as a result of a violation of the General Terms and Conditions for use of the platform as a PROFESSIONAL.
  3. The pages on the ZOOFY website contain links to websites that are managed by third parties and which content ZOOFY may not be aware of. Links to other websites are only intended to facilitate navigation. ZOOFY is not responsible for the content of other websites.
  4. For the implementation of the agreement to work with the CUSTOMER / CLIENT and / or user agreement with ZOOFY, PROFESSIONAL expressly undertakes not to conclude an employment contract with ZOOFY. The content of the agreement for work is agreed between PROFESSIONAL and CUSTOMER / CLIENT.


  1. The user agreement, to which these General Terms and Conditions apply, runs indefinitely and can be terminated immediately by both parties at any time. The cancellation must be in writing; a communication by e-mail is sufficient.
  2. If the user agreement is canceled by ZOOFY in connection with circumstances attributable to PROFESSIONAL, ZOOFY is entitled to cancel any remaining bookings, or agreement for work of the relevant PROFESSIONAL with the CUSTOMER / CLIENT on behalf of PROFESSIONAL.
  3. If the user agreement is canceled by PROFESSIONAL for whatever reason, ZOOFY is irrevocably entitled to immediately terminate the agreement for work on behalf of PROFESSIONAL for ongoing and non-executed bookings and to inform the CUSTOMER / CLIENT thereof.
  4. ZOOFY has the right to stop sending job requests to the PROFESSIONAL if he does not accept job requests for more than a month. At the request of the PROFESSIONAL, the transmission can be resumed at any time.
  5. ZOOFY also has the right to stop sending job requests to the PROFESSIONAL if:
  6. a) a CUSTOMER / CLIENT has complained several times about the work performed by PROFESSIONAL
  7. b) the average of CUSTOMER / CLIENT assessments for PROFESSIONAL is below the standard that ZOOFY sets of at least 3.5 stars based on a 5 star system
  8. c) PROFESSIONAL does not comply with the agreements as written in these General Terms and Conditions. Removal of the platform still means that all mentioned articles apply.
  9. d) other circumstances occur that, in ZOOFY's opinion, are unacceptable


  1. The PROFESSIONAL agrees that during the term of the user agreement with ZOOFY and for up to six months thereafter, ZOOFY will contact him by e-mail, telephone or post to improve or extend the offers on the PLATFORM. inquire about his satisfaction with offers on the platform and inform him about additions, extensions, novelties and collaboration offers.
  2. The PROFESSIONAL has the right during the term of the collaboration to execute and execute other assignments for CUSTOMER / CLIENT not obtained through ZOOFY, even without ZOOFY being aware of this.
  3. The parties are obliged to comply with the legal requirements regarding the protection of personal data. The PROFESSIONAL uses the personal data of the CUSTOMER / CLIENT that is shared with him in the context of a booking request, exclusively for the fulfillment of the relevant agreement concluded between the CUSTOMER / CLIENT and ZOOFY.
  4. ZOOFY and the PROFESSIONAL treat data from CUSTOMER / CLIENT AND, procedures, services to be provided by the parties and the commission (also after termination of the cooperation) strictly confidential, if and insofar as they are not required in accordance with statutory regulations or contractual agreements have the right to do so to share.
  5. ZOOFY reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time. The conditions are made available to PROFESSIONAL by e-mail or with every job application by means of a link. If PROFESSIONAL does not object to the validity of the new General Terms and Conditions within two weeks of receiving the e-mail, the changes to the General Terms and Conditions will apply as agreed.
  6. Dutch law applies to this agreement 

Last change was made on 23th of May 2023