i.e. 'Unclog sink'

Common pests and how to control them

Monday 19 April 2021

Common pests and how to control them. See here what you can do with pests such as: wasps, mice, longhorn beetles or ants.

zonnescherm zonweringen

Different types of awnings: what are the options?

Thursday 08 April 2021

Would you like to know more about different types of awnings? Find more about the types and sizes in this article. Book a professional here directly.

vaatwasser reinigen schoonmaken

Hoe houd je de vaatwasser in topconditie

Monday 05 April 2021

Centraal Beheer Klushulp Zoofy zo gefikst.

Centraal Beheer Klushulp vs. Zoofy

Monday 29 March 2021

Are you looking for a professional but you don't know where to search? We are happy to help you out! Read here why you should choose for Zoofy.

rolluiken Voordelen rolluiken

Why you should buy roller shutters now: the benefits of a roller shutter!

Tuesday 23 March 2021

When summer is approaching and the sun regularly shines through the cloud cover, it is time to take a critical look at your window decoration. If there is something unpleasant on hot summer days, it is the heat that enters your home.

Lente tuin zomerklaar

Make your garden summer ready

Monday 22 March 2021

Spring has begun. Time to prepare the garden for summer, so that you can sit in your garden chair again, lie on your lounger, or chill in your hammock.

schilders verven buitenschilderwerk

Buitenschilderwerk, waarom en hoe vaak

Thursday 18 March 2021

Dag van de loodgieter loodgieter

Plumbers are indispensable and the need is high for more plumbers

Thursday 11 March 2021

Today the 11th of March in World Plumbing Day. The plumbers don't get the appreciation that they should get.

cv-ketel cv-onderhoud water

No hot water, but only heating

Wednesday 10 March 2021

No hot water, but only heating? Read in this blog article what the possible causes could be for the defect. Book a service technician right away.

Warmtepomp Verwarming

What is a heat pump

Thursday 25 February 2021

A heat pump is part of the home's heating network. Kind of a reverse air conditioner. Read more about the heat pump here.

waterschade water

What to do with water damage?

Sunday 07 February 2021

With both old and new homes, it may just be that water damage occurs in your home. The causes of this are diverse. Make sure at all times that you quickly deal with water damage and prevent enormous damage to your home. In the text below you can read what the causes are, how they are often remedied by a specialist and where water damage occurs most often. In addition, see in the text below what it costs to have the damage repaired by a specialist and how you can easily arrange this.

Onderzoek Zoofy

Most populair projects in 2020

Monday 01 February 2021

The year 2020 was all about home improvements for many Dutch people. After all, now that we are more at home, a nice house is more important than ever. How has the previous year changed our view of living? We share the figures for 2020, from the most popular craftsman to the most performed jobs.