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Alternative for Werkspot?

Thursday 27 October 2022

Are you looking for an alternative to Werkspot? In this blog, we'd like to take you through the differences between Werkspot and Zoofy, without turning it into a 'we of toilet duck advise toilet duck' story. With this blog, we don't want to tell you that our service is the best (although we obviously think so ourselves 😉 ). We'd rather leave that choice up to you. In this blog, we'd like to take you by the hand on how our platform differs from Werkspot experiences, so you can make that choice yourself.

The three biggest differences:

With Zoofy the professional does not have to pay high lead costs
Zoofy offers an immediate (urgent) solution, no hassle with quotations.
Zoofy charges honest and transparent hourly rates, so there are never any surprises.  
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Werkspot alternative

Welcome to the year 2021. We live in an on demand, convenience economy, where everything revolves around the convenience of man. Whether it is online shopping from your lazy chair, ready-made meals or delivery services, everything revolves around convenience. As a consumer, you may have your own opinion about this, but this is a fact. Companies and organisations are springing up all over the place to meet the need for convenience. Zoofy is no exception. The days of looking for a professional in the yellow pages, contact ads in the newspaper or supermarket are almost over. Yet the same thing happens online: consumers start their search in their own network via social media. You know the type: "Who knows a good plumber in Amsterdam?" "Urgently looking for a good electrician in Rotterdam". Zoofy puts an end to these searches.

Werkspot - The five biggest differences

Think of Zoofy as your neighbour who gives you advice on where to find a good professional 😉 No kidding. Of course Zoofy is a commercial company. This blog is not meant to puff ourselves up. Behind the scenes, a team is working hard every day for all customers to connect the right professional. They also want to make a living at the end of the month. We make money from tradesmen and consumers as intermediaries. That is no secret. And we are no different from Werkspot in this respect. However, we are very different platforms. In this blog, we will describe the 5 biggest differences compared to Werkspot. 

1. Zoofy is advantageous for the professional - No cure, no pay

As mentioned before: we play the intermediary role between the professional and the consumer. Besides the fact that we want to help consumers with their problems, we value our craftsmen enormously. We believe that you as a painter, heating engineer, carpenter, or whatever professional, should earn a decent living. The difference between Werkspot and Zoofy is in the following: Zoofy works like an Uber model and focuses more on the smaller jobs in and around the house, than the bigger jobs like home renovations. The Uber model means that you place your job, for example installing a perilex plug. Via an automatic system, your job is then placed with a pool of electricians in your neighbourhood. Every tradesman in the pool can take on your job. The average professional is busy enough these days, so we like to take away some of the stress and worries. Zoofy makes the first contact for the tradesman, we connect the consumer with the tradesman. The planning and invoicing are done via our platform. A professional can take on your job for free; he only starts paying us when he actually does the job for you. As a customer, you pay a tariff which is clearly and transparently listed on our website. For example: a toilet blockage (no urgency), for which we charge a fixed rate of €104,- incl. VAT. The largest part of this amount goes to the professional and a small part goes to Zoofy. The tradesmen are paid twice a month. For using the platform Zoofy charges You as a customer a service fee.