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Make your house more sustainable with Zoofy

Sustainable. A term that cannot be left out of our vocabulary these days. This term refers to materials and measures obtained (in a way that) minimizes the impact on nature and the environment. In this blog we will give you suggestions on how to make your home more sustainable. Making your house more sustainable is not only good for your wallet and the environment. Usually also improves living comfort.

How to make your house more sustainable

With these measures you can preserve your house most efficiently.

Cavity wall insulation, an easy way to preserve your home

Did you know that an average house loses 20 percent of its heat through the wall and a detached house up to 40 percent? By insulating the empty space between the inner wall and the outer wall, energy consumption will drop significantly. In addition, you won't be inconvenienced by this job because insulation material is inserted into the cavity from the outside through a small hole. This can consist of PUR foam, glass wool flakes or polystyrene beads. The work usually takes a maximum of one day.

Floor insulation

A well-insulated floor not only feels more comfortable but also stops the rising cold. As a result, heat in the house stays better. If the house has a dry and well-ventilated crawl space, floor insulation can be installed between the beams of the floor. Is the crawl space too low? Then you can opt for floor insulation. Floor insulation is preferred over bottom insulation. No crawl space? Then installing an insulating underlayment is another option.
Do you need to redo the floor because of concrete rot or wood rot? That is an expensive job but of course the ideal time to also properly insulate and seal seams and cracks. A job you can leave to the professionals at Zoofy.

Roof insulation

A lot of heat is lost through an uninsulated roof. The insulation material itself is not the cost, but having it installed and the finishing touch (carpentry, plastering) is. Be well informed in advance about the different types of insulation, especially the insulation value is important. Sustainable insulation materials are wood and hemp fibers and wool. These natural products regulate moisture and usually ventilate better than glass or rock wool.

Installing HR++ glass or HR +++ glass

Does your home still have single-glazed windows or windows with HR glass? By installing HR++, or even better, HR+++ glass, your home is better protected against cold and heat as well as sound. It becomes noticeably more comfortable in your home. Installing or replacing double glazing is not only a lot of work, it is also specialist work. Therefore it is best to outsource this job to a glazier that you can easily book through Zoofy.

Solar panels

You can keep your power consumption down by purchasing energy-efficient equipment and LED lamps. Furthermore, the purchase of solar panels can be interesting to generate your own power. Find out in advance whether your roof is suitable in terms of construction, surface area and location for installing solar panels.
The national subsidy for the purchase of solar panels has now expired. Instead, you can reclaim the full VAT on the purchase price. Moreover, your energy bill will be a lot lower, which is nice considering the current price increases.

Air source heat pump

Anyone who wants to heat their home efficiently would do well to have an air source heat pump installed. An air-source heat pump heats water with the outside air that surrounds your home. The best financial option is the combination of an air source heat pump and an HR++ central heating boiler (hybrid operation). This does not require adapting the radiators for low-temperature heating. In a well-insulated house, little heat is lost and gas consumption drops significantly, as do CO2 emissions (minus 35 percent). The boiler is only backup at extremely low temperatures.
Those already completely off gas can opt for an all-electric air-source heat pump. The operation is the same as above. You can combine this method of heating with floor or wall heating or special low-temperature radiators.

Make your home more sustainable via Zoofy

Via Zoofy you can easily find the right specialist to make your house more sustainable. Whether it's a terraced house, corner house, semi-detached house or a flat.

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