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Looking for a carpenter?

Are you looking for a carpenter? Don't get around to doing chores around the house yourself? Or are you not blessed with two right hands? You have to pick your battles. We have a lot of guys ready to help you get started. Moreover, carpentry work is craftsmanship. If you try to do it yourself, you can quickly miss the mark. With our professionals you hit the nail on the head. A carpenter is an all-round professional, with many similarities to a handyman.

Yet there is indeed a difference. A carpenter prefers to carry out carpentry work and is not likely to wallpaper the living room for you. A carpentry company is also a specialist for many different jobs. For a carpenter - also sometimes called a carpenter - experience and knowledge play an important role, precisely because the work is so diverse. On this page you will find information about what you can hire them for. 

Gereedschap timmerman

All-round carpenter

As mentioned earlier, a carpenter does all kinds of kissing. Some carpenters specialize in certain jobs. The all-round carpenter does not shy away from any job. Is the job you want done not in the overview? No problem. Then click on the carpenter per hour and describe your job as accurately as possible. Zoofy has national coverage, so there is always a professional nearby who can quickly complete your job.

What jobs can a carpenter do for you?

Whatever you think of it, our carpenters can do it. Whether you want a walk-in closet, custom furniture, a stair renovation, laying laminate or making a cove for a kitchen appliance; a carpenter can do it all. In the paragraphs below we explain the most common jobs:

Hanging a door

At first glance it may not be the most difficult job, but it is a very precise job. Hanging and determining the turning and hanging seams is a very precise job. Sometimes you even have to take the humidity into account, for example when you choose to hang a solid door. If you are not a born do-it-yourselfer, hanging a door is a job that should be left to an expert. A carpenter from Zoofy can easily help you with this.

Install hinges and locks

Do you have a repair job or do you want to replace the hinges and locks? Our carpenters don't turn their hammers around for that either. Or maybe you just installed a new door in your home. Installing a new door also means that you will adjust the construction of your wall. A job that you would like to leave to one of our carpenters. Also consider the SKG police quality mark when installing new hinges and locks. We have created a checklist for a safe lock. And if you want to play it completely safe, we have also prepared 11 anti-burglary tips - How crooks think - to protect your hinges and locks.

The treatment of wood rot

Did you want to get started yourself, but are you encountering problems in window frames or other parts of the home? Wood rot is a common problem and often occurs unnoticed. You can recognize wood rot by:

  • A brown or black discoloration on untreated wood
  • Cracks in the paint layer
  • Blisters in the paint layer
  • Dents in the wood
  • Parts of the wood that are coming loose

If you spot wood rot, you are often too late to limit the damage. Poor maintenance or lousy painting is often the cause of wood rot. In addition to having good painting done by a painter, good sealing by a plumber is also important to prevent wood rot. Preventing and treating wood rot is a job that our carpenters know how to do.

Een dakraam plaatsen

Heb je een donkere zolder die wel wat licht kan gebruiken? Een dakraam plaatsen is een secuur werkje. Deze klus kan je overlaten aan onze timmermannen. Zij monteren vakkundig jouw dakraam. Onze vakmannen regelen het inmeten van de deur/het kozijn, zaagt een gat voor jouw dakraam, bevestigt het kozijn, plaatst het raam, brengt gootstukken aan en legt de dakpannen terug op zijn plek.

Install a skylight

Do you have a dark attic that could use some light? Installing a skylight is a painstaking job. You can leave this job to our carpenters. They will professionally install your skylight. Our professionals will take care of measuring the door/frame, cut a hole for your skylight, attach the frame, install the window, install flashing and put the roof tiles back in place.

Installing a sill

A sill is the top and bottom of a door or window frame. Most know sills as thresholds. When installing a door or window, there is always space between the window or door and the room in which it is placed. If you didn't install a sill, you would end up with an ugly crack under your door. Outside in a door or window frame, they ensure that no water can enter. A sill also ensures that drafts do not blow in from the outside. This makes a sill an essential part when installing a door or frame. Our carpenters are happy to help you install a sill.

Specialisms of a carpenter

Carpentry is one of the most versatile handyman jobs. Carpenters are known to have a myriad of tasks. They are responsible for making all wooden installations such as the installation of doors, letterboxes, hinges and locks, and door closers. They are also involved in the construction of fences, inner walls doorframes, and walls. 

If you are planning to install fixtures and structures such as windows, mouldings, and assembling of a Skygate door, then a professional carpenter is the right person for the job. They are fully trained to measure and accurately cut wooden pieces for the right fitting to create beautiful finishes according to the clients’ needs.

While some carpenters are competent at insulating office buildings or the installation of kitchen cabinets, others have their specialty in stair maintenance, installation, and renovations.

Other carpenters, on the other hand, are good in roofing and erection of scaffoldings for buildings, while some are experts in the installation and maintenance of ceilings. At Zoofy, we give you a chance to choose the carpenter with the exact specialty for any kind of project. Whether you want a residential or a commercial carpenter, you can source carpentry services in the Netherlands via Zoofy. We can also connect you to industrial carpenters too, who are capable of handling large industrial projects.

How to Hire Local Carpenters Via Zoofy

Zoofy saves you all the hassle involved in looking for a skilled carpenter by finding one for you. All you need to do is browse through the Zoofy website; enter the details of the kind of carpentry service that you want, then key in your zip code.

Finding the right handyman for your service is our responsibility. A professional carpenter with expertise and experience in the requested service will accept the job. You will then be notified via your email that your request has been processed and that you have been linked to a specific carpenter. You do not have to worry about the quality of service that you will receive. This is because all our carpenters undergo stringent testing to ensure that they all subscribe to high-quality standards.

Once the job is done, you will receive an invoice through your email indicating the total cost of the service. All payments are serviceable online via iDeal or Tikkie.

What Is the Average Cost of Hiring a Carpenter?

Our carpenters are available across every region in the Netherlands. You can quickly get access to a carpenter in your area of residence, whether it is in Rotterdam, Almere, Nijmegen, Amsterdam, Den Haag, or any other city. This means that there are no call-out costs to receive a carpentry service via Zoofy.

Generally, it will cost you approximately 50 Euros per hour to hire a Carpenter for any service. However, this cost may vary depending on the factors such as the complexity and the urgency of the task. It will cost you more when the service or the problem to be fixed is an emergency. Carpenters also tend to charge more on services such as the installation of letterboxes and measuring door frames. For example, it will cost you up to around 89 Euros to hire a carpenter to install a letterhead for you.

The Pros of Hiring a Carpenter via Zoofy

We Only Hire the Best

Carpenters are only allowed to use our platform once they have been screened and verified to have the capacity to offer high-quality services. You, therefore, can rest assured that you will get excellent services. We also expose our carpenters to rigorous testing regularly to ensure that we do not have amongst them a clique of poor service providers hiding behind the platform.

Warranty Package for carpenter jobs

We offer you 100% warranty; if you are dissatisfied with the services provided by any of our carpenters, then we will guarantee you a workable solution. It's advised to always add the optional warranty package

Our Carpenters are Professionals

Searching for a reliable carpenter can be frustrating. We save you the frustration by bringing the carpentry service you need right at your door. Our carpenters are also empowered with the right customer service skills. They will handle you professionally. They will effectively communicate with you to ensure that they have offered you the necessary carpentry solutions, according to your needs.

Reliable Carpenters for stress free home maintenance and improvement jobs

Unreliable carpenters will make unreasonable additions to their service quotations after completing their job. Are you tired of making upfront payments? Zoofy is your reliable partner. All payments are made online after service delivery through the platforms provided on our website. Once the job is done, you will not have to make any unhandy cash payments. You will receive an invoice stating your carpentry bill.

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