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Need a carpenter for a whole day?

A carpenter for a whole day. You can book a carpenter for a whole day, knowing the cost in advance. This is €499. For this, the carpenter will work full on eight hours at your place. The carpenter then comes to your home or location and performs all the jobs you have given him.

Type of jobs

You can think of small jobs such as hanging a painting or replacing a cabinet door, but also larger jobs such as installing a new kitchen or building a shed.


Advantages of booking a carpenter for a whole day are that you pay the cost upfront, you hire a professional and you can have several jobs done in one day.

Possible costs carpenter whole day

The possible costs of booking a carpenter for a whole day can vary depending on the job, whether there are any material costs to be incurred. Labour costs have already been mentioned above. It is therefore important to take a good look in advance at what materials might be needed.

Why use Zoofy for carpenter whole day

It is often better to hire a professional for your carpentry jobs. A professional has more experience and knowledge and can often do your job better and faster. In addition, you can often get a guarantee on the work done by a professional. Simply book a carpenter for the whole day via Zoofy. Multiple carpentry jobs lying around? Leave it directly to professional from Zoofy.


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