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With a door closer you ensure that the door closes properly. No banging doors with automatic closure. You can mount all types and brands here. Make an appointment directly with a local carpenter at the moment that suits you.

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Having the door closer installed by a Zoofy professional

Are you tired of slamming doors? Or are you tired of damaging both your door and the wall every time you open and close the door? Is your throat getting very sore from all the 'close the door' shouting? There are very simple solutions to this. In a figurative jiffy, you will be rid of all your problems. Good for your throat. By installing a door closer, you get rid of the problem in one fell swoop. The doors can no longer be slammed, the heat stays in and your wall stays intact. If that's not a good idea? An even better idea is to have the door closer installed by a Zoofy professional. Then you know for sure that a slamming or open door belongs to the past and that the door-closer is mounted well and neatly too!

What is a door-closer

A door closer is a metal box mounted on or around the door and frame. The box contains a spring. This spring gains tension when it opens and relaxes when it closes. There are various constructions in the box that can provide extra possibilities. For example, a delay on the last part of the door opening or acceleration on the last part of the door closing. There are plenty of options to customise the door closer. The metal box contains a slide arm or scissor arm, which is the protruding piece of metal that you see when the door opens. This arm is the connection piece of the door closer and ensures that the spring closes the door again. The difference between a scissor arm and slide arm is in the opening. The link arm maintains the existing resistance of the door when opening and closing. The slide arm, on the other hand, ensures that after an opening of about 25 degrees, the opening is easier. This makes the slide arm a favourite for heavier doors. In addition, the slide arm is also chosen more often because the arm disappears into the closer or door when the door is closed. With the scissor arm, you always see the arm. On the other hand, the price of the scissor arm is a lot lower. As a result, the choice is often made either for aesthetics or for price.

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