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When you bought your first house and probably moved in alone or as a couple, chances are you didn't know what to do with all the space there was. Perhaps you came from a small flat or you still lived at home with your parents where the house was cosily filled with more than two people. Such a whole house for you alone or together with your loved one might have taken some getting used to. What is also quite understandable is that you have first converted all the rooms where you live the most. Often, the attic is forgotten and used to store other, seldom-used items. For whatever reason, you've now decided that it's time to give the attic some attention. Renovate the attic! Undoubtedly you can turn it into something beautiful and we at Zoofy would love to help you with that! We are experienced in attic renovation and are therefore happy to inform you.

What's involved in an attic renovation and what are the costs

It's important to have a clear idea of what you want to do with the attic. Do you want to turn it into a bedroom? Do you want to create more space by adding a dormer? Or do you want 2 bedrooms? It is all possible. We can also help you make a skylight in the attic. Maybe you would like to have a connection for the washing machine or dryer in the attic. We are ready to help you with that too! It's good to decide for yourself what you like and what you think is good, but it's also good to discuss the possibilities with us in case you have doubts. We as professionals from zoofy try to think along with you as best we can so that the space can be optimally used and that the space is well insulated. After all, it would be a shame to find out later that insulation or electricity should have been done as well. It's better to do this right away. We complete the picture! The costs differ a lot. It depends on your wishes. Based on what you would like to renovate and what materials should be used, the cost of attic renovation can be calculated. Below we will make this more clear.

Installing a partition wall

One of the possibilities that we offer is placing a partition wall. This allows you to convert the attic into 2 bedrooms for example. The rooms can of course also be used for other purposes.
The most commonly used material for such a partition wall is plasterboard, but other materials are also available. Just as you wish. In general, plasterboard is an excellent material for a partition wall. This is also the cheapest way of creating a partition. It is also possible to have extra wood added to the plasterboard. These are called OSB plates. Another option is a metal stud wall. Here plasterboard is also used but is mounted on a metal frame. A final option is aerated concrete blocks. However, the space must allow for this. In addition, this is an expensive option. On the other hand, it is more soundproof. A professional can often build such a partition in one day. Ideal when you need an extra room in the house quickly.
The price of a partition depends on the number of square metres and the type of material.

In general, you can expect to pay between €50 and €80 per square metre. On average you will then spend between €600 and €1000. The wall can also be plastered. The costs for placing a partition wall vary from €13,- to €25,- euro per square meter.

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