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Fix a jammed door via Zoofy

Does your door touch the floor? And is it jamming as a result? Then easily book a carpenter in a few steps to fix a sticking door. Our carpenters score an average of 9.2. Zoofy has nationwide coverage with professionals. So we can always provide a suitable professional in your area.

Fix a sticking door

A jamming door is a door that is difficult to open or close because the door is jamming against the frame or because the door is not hanging correctly. Fixing a jamming door is the process of identifying and fixing the cause of the jamming.
There are some important things to look out for when fixing a sticking door:
  • Check that the door is hanging correctly. You can do this by opening and closing the door while holding the door handle. If the door hangs correctly, the door will open and close without any problems
  • Check that the door enters the frame at the correct point. You can do this by pushing or pulling the door into the frame when it is closed. If the door comes into the frame at the correct point, the door will open and close without problems
  • Check that the door is properly sealed. You can do this by closing the door and looking for light coming through the cracks. If light is coming through the cracks, the door will not be properly sealed
Fixing a sticking door is often a job that someone with basic do-it-yourself skills can tackle. There are many tutorials available on the Internet where you can see step by step how to fix a sticking door. However, if you are unsure of your skills or don't feel like doing it yourself, it may be wise to leave it to a professional. A professional will ensure that the door is safely and correctly installed and functions as it should.

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