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Have a custom made cupboard by a local carpenter. Both advice, measurements and assembly are possible. All types and types of cabinets are custom made and placed for a professional total experience.

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Have you already scoured dozens of furniture shops in recent weeks in the hope of finding that one, beautiful cupboard that matches your interior? But you haven't been able to find one that suits your taste and you're feeling a bit desperate? How about having a cupboard made? We at Zoofy will make sure that your cupboard will look exactly as you want it!

Why should you have a cupboard made?

Making a cupboard yourself or having it made offers the ideal solution when you cannot find what you are looking for in any furniture shop. Making a wall cupboard, making a wardrobe, making a staircase cupboard, ... Our craftsmen can make absolutely all kinds of built-in cupboards, in all shapes and colours.

The advantages of making a cupboard?

Originality: With a made-to-measure cupboard, you get a unique piece of furniture in your home. Nobody, absolutely nobody, has the same cupboard as you.
Personal touch: making a cupboard instead of buying one radiates so much more personality than a pre-made one. Create a wall cabinet with lighting inside the cabinet or create a wardrobe with mirrors on the outside? This is all possible when you choose to have a cupboard made by our carpenters.
Perfect size: the name says it all: a "made-to-measure" cupboard is always the size you want so that all your accessories or all your cleaning utensils fit easily into your unique new piece of furniture.
Optimal use of space: Making a wardrobe for your bedroom or for your dressing room automatically makes better use of the space you have available. Traditional, prefabricated wardrobes are almost always only available in standard sizes. Having a made-to-measure cupboard solves this problem.
Made-to-measure cupboard doors: Cupboard doors that are precisely tailored to your requirements. 

To make a made-to-measure cupboard yourself or to outsource?

Making a cupboard is much more complicated than many people might think. For example, if you would like to make a wooden TV cabinet, you should know what type of wood is most suitable for this. For that matter, it is also far from easy to determine exactly how much material you will need for a particular cupboard. The degree of difficulty and time involved in making your own cupboard requires specialist craftsmanship. Therefore it is advisable to call in the help of an experienced professional for this job. We at Zoofy work with the best, carefully selected professionals who have many years of experience in making furniture. Making a revolving wall cabinet, making a tailor-made wardrobe, assembling an illuminated bathroom cabinet, ... nothing holds any secrets for them!


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