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The installation of a sliding door can bring a lot of frustrations. Here the sliding door is expertly placed for you. Your wishes and requirements are taken into account and all brands and types are possible. Make an appointment here with a carpenter from the neighborhood for the moment that suits you.

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Would you like to install a sliding door? Then it is useful to have more information first. Fortunately, you don't have to look far, because below you will find all the information you need! A sliding door brings light into your home and will make your home shine again.

Why install sliding doors?

Are you still unsure whether installing sliding doors is the best choice for you? Then it is worth discovering the advantages. Bet you won't hesitate anymore!

Good atmosphere

With a sliding door you bring a lot of light into your interior, which will make the homely atmosphere a lot cozier. Good lighting not only creates the perfect atmosphere, but also makes a room appear larger. In addition, you will have to use less lighting and you can also turn the heating down a few degrees. That will make your wallet happy!

Easy access to your home

Sliding doors make it easier to get large appliances into or out of your home. Some furniture or appliances are so large that you can barely get them through your doorway. Thanks to a sliding door, you no longer have to struggle!

Increase in value of your home

The resale value of your home will increase significantly when you have a sliding door installed. That's because your interior suddenly gets a much sleeker look. In addition, there are many people who are looking for a home with good light. This is a great advantage if you ever plan to sell your home!

Contact with nature

Not only the sunlight that enters your house through the sliding doors creates a cozy atmosphere in your home, but also the beautiful transition to your garden. You always have a view of a piece of nature and this has a calming effect.

Which sliding door do you choose?

Are you completely convinced that installing sliding doors is the best choice for you? Then it is time to look for the ideal sliding door. Choosing a sliding door is not so obvious, because there are so many options. Sliding doors can be made from various materials, but there are also various models. Is it hard to choose? Discover below what the ideal sliding door is for your interior.

Sliding door materials

Sliding doors can be made from different materials. The best choice for you depends on your taste and your interior style. Let's go over the options:

Aluminum sliding door

An aluminum sliding door is a good choice if you have a modern or industrial interior. Sliding doors made of aluminum look sleek and trendy. In addition, aluminum is a sturdy material, so you can have the profile of the sliding door made very thin. The disadvantage of an aluminum sliding door is that it is quite pricey, but it lasts a long time. So it is certainly a good investment! Perhaps this sliding door also fits well with your steel doors.

Plastic sliding door

In addition to aluminum, you can also opt for plastic sliding doors. This choice is especially popular because plastic is so cheap. A plastic sliding door has another great advantage: it is available in an enormous number of versions. As a result, there is always a sliding door that fits your interior style exactly. The disadvantage is that you cannot paint over plastic.

Wooden sliding door

Is your interior mainly about atmosphere and cosiness? Then a wooden sliding door is the best choice for you. Wooden sliding doors have a charm that cannot be matched by sliding doors made of a different material. In addition, your wood can also easily change color. The disadvantage of a wooden sliding door is that you often have to have it maintained and painted.

Sliding door models

Do you want to install a sliding door? Then you will not only be able to choose from different materials, but also from different models.

Single or double sliding doors

First of all, you will have to choose between a single and double sliding door. The double sliding door is larger and consists of two doors, each of which can open in its own direction. This is a good choice if you have enough space. Is the space in your interior limited? Then it is better to choose a single sliding door.

Tilt-slide door or lift-slide door

Sliding doors are available in different models. The most well-known are the tilt-slide doors and the lift-slide doors. What is the best choice for you? You have to lift a sliding sliding door slightly before you can pull it open. This ensures good insulation and burglary protection. With this type of sliding door you have minimal loss of space. Ideal for smaller spaces!

You can place a tilt-slide door in the tilt position. This way you can easily enjoy the ideal amount of fresh air without being too cold. Tipping systems are often also cheaper.

extra options

Once you have decided which material and model you want to choose, you can choose some additional options on top of that if you wish. Additional options that you can take are e.g

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