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Zoofy works with Skygate for the installation of their industrial doors. For the placement often two people are needed and is always extensively discussed with you. On average, customers are charged between 180 and 250 euros for fitting a door. Make an appointment with a professional in the neighborhood who can help you.

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Steel doors are a popular choice. This is mainly because they are very sturdy and durable, but there is another big advantage: they have a sleek and tough appearance. Because of their robust appearance they are also called industrial doors. Are you looking for the perfect interior doors for your home? Then industrial doors might be the best solution for you. Want to be sure? Then read on, because everything you need to know about industrial doors you will discover in this article!

Why install steel interior doors

The biggest advantage of industrial doors is their tough yet elegant appearance. But industrial doors have many other advantages. Because they are made of steel they are very solid. Their solidity ensures a long life. In addition, industrial doors are the safest doors there are. If you choose an industrial outside door, this means that burglars do not stand a chance. This way you will always feel very safe!

Industrial doors are not very cheap, but because they provide good thermal insulation they save you a lot of money in time. These doors are therefore a good investment! Besides good thermal insulation the doors also offer good acoustic insulation. This means that you can make noise without disturbing your neighbours. You will not be bothered by noise pollution either.

Are there any disadvantages? Stable doors also have their disadvantages. They are expensive and you can't easily install them yourself, but fortunately Zoofy can help you.

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