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Closing window frames

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Have your window frames closed via Zoofy

Book a professional for window frame sealing through Zoofy without any hassle. You ask what a carpenter can do when sealing a window frame. A technique is used where a window frame is sealed using a moulding. The frame is fixed to the inside of the window frame and then screws are screwed into the frame to seal it.

Advantages and disadvantages of sealing a window frame

The advantages of this technique are that it is a cheap and simple way to seal a window frame. It is also a relatively quick way to seal a window frame.

The disadvantages of this technique are that it is not as sturdy as other ways of sealing window frames. It is also possible for the frame to come loose if the window frame is exposed to extreme weather conditions.

The cost of window frame sealing

The possible cost of sealing a window frame depends on the size and material of the frame. Costs can range from a few tens of euros to hundreds of euros. On average, our carpenters cost €59 per hour. The total cost depends on the material costs and the total hours spent by the carpenter

Book your carpenter for window frame sealing through Zoofy

It is better to leave this kind of job to a professional. A professional has the right knowledge and experience to seal the window frame correctly. Moreover, they can quickly solve any problems that arise during the sealing process. Booking a carpenter in your area is super easy via Zoofy.


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