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Lock hole milling

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Milling a lock hole

Milling a lock hole is a technique in which a hole is made in a door or frame to fit a cylinder or lock. This hole is milled using a special drill or milling machine specifically designed for this purpose.
If you decide to mill a lock hole yourself, it is important to pay attention to the proper location of the hole, the size of the hole depending on the type of lock you are going to use and to use the proper techniques when milling the hole. It is also important to ensure proper finishing around the hole so that the lock can turn smoothly.
Milling a lock hole is a technique that requires a lot of experience and mistakes can lead to damage to the door or frame or the lock not functioning properly. Therefore, it is better to have this done by a professional. A professional will also be able to choose the right materials and mill the lock hole in a professional manner. Moreover, if the door or frame is part of a historic building or is protected, you need to apply for the permit and do it according to the rules.

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