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Appliance repairer (urgent) via Zoofy

Whether it's a broken washing machine or a dishwasher that doesn't pump out the water, we have technicians nearby who can come and help you with all your white goods repairs. Select your job and immediately make an appointment for the repair of your white goods.

You can call in white goods repair for all kinds of problems with your white goods. When it comes to white goods repairs, you can think of repairing all kinds of kitchen appliances, such as a dishwasher , dryer  and washing machine . But you can also contact our white goods technicians who carry out white goods repairs for built-in appliance jobs such as installing your refrigerator , installing a microwave and installing an oven . We can also help you connect the dryer . At  Zoofy we do not charge call-out fees, because we only use professionals in your area. White goods repair is sometimes a difficult job. You can't immediately see from the outside how much is broken on the inside. Sometimes it happens that a repair of white goods is no longer possible. You will then be charged 50 euros research costs for the labor.

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Find your job and send your booking

Find your job and send your booking

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The professional will come by at the time you have chosen.

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You can pay afterwards when you are happy with the job

You can pay afterwards when you are happy with the job

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MATAKA Edward Prins

4.76/5 (1158 )

Great service, kind, professional and fast. Highly recommended.

2908 jobs completed
RSN Security & Technics Ramesh Narain

4.72/5 (629 )

Prima werk, Ramesh Narain belde me ruim van tevoren zodat hij de juiste spullen kon inkopen en dat was heel verstandig. De klus, vervanging van een lekkend sifon, was snel geklaard. Meneer kwam netjes op tijd en was vriendelijk. Dat is ook belangrijk tenslotte!

Meyer Elektra Jessy Meyer

4.42/5 (603 )

Heel goed geholpen door Jessy. Vakbekwaam, betrouwbaar en behulpzaam. Raad het aan met Jessy te werken!

1488 jobs completed

4.65/5 (461 )

1875 jobs completed

4.63/5 (426 )

1631 jobs completed

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