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Connecting the dryer

When you buy a new tumble dryer, you want it connected as soon as possible. You are tired of hanging your laundry on a drying rack. There are various types of tumble dryer:

Condenser dryer:

A condenser dryer dries your laundry by using warm air created by a heating element. The water that is created is collected in a condensation pan. These dryers are usually slightly cheaper to buy but use more energy.
Heat pump dryer:
Works the same as a condenser dryer, only much more economically. The drying of the laundry is done by a heat pump and refrigerant. This creates gas which is converted into a liquid form. The temperature of the heat pump dryer is slightly lower, so it takes longer for your clothes to dry. However, it is better for your clothes and uses less energy.
Airflow Dryer:
A drain dryer works by blowing warm air, heated by a heating element around in the rotating drum. The hot air that remains is expelled through a hose. For a tumble dryer, you need to make an exit when connecting it. You can do this through the window or by making a hole in the wall.
Before you connect the tumble dryer, we have some tips that you should pay attention to when connecting:

Make sure that the ventilation grid is clear.

Place the dryer on a flat surface.
Place the tumble dryer on a level surface. This prevents vibrations and limits noise.
There should be enough space between the dryer and the floor. This ensures that there is enough room to dissipate the heat.

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