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In need for a gardener?

Gardening, just like any other type of profession, is work that one can do to sustain themselves. A gardener is a person who is involved in gardening. It is thought to be one of the oldest occupations. It also can be a hobby, especially if you have a residential garden. With proper gardening, a homeowner can supplement their family with food with only a small orchard or vegetable garden. There are people employed as gardeners in plant nurseries, and some are head gardeners in large estates.

A professional gardener has a precise job description. They are responsible for maintaining outdoor grounds, the beauty of the plants, and take care of trees in the garden. A gardener performs a wide range of general maintenance chores such as designing, renewing, producing and preserving the garden. They are hired to work on local parks, farms, hotels and even nurseries.

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Appido Abdurrahman Uslu

4.82/5 (936 )

Wat een vakman! Echt een groot compliment voor deze man.

2321 jobs completed
Binaa Construction Mohamed Ibrahim

4.53/5 (820 )

Kundige vakman. Oude deur is opmaat gemaakt en in gehangen.

3190 jobs completed

4.65/5 (377 )

Een echte vakman en ook nog gediplomeerd ! Hij weet hoe het moet, werkt accuraat netjes en snel.

1088 jobs completed
AFK Services André Klaassen

4.78/5 (287 )

De klus is geklaard en hij heeft het uitstekend gedaan

841 jobs completed

4.71/5 (272 )

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