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Have your garden prepared for the winter by a suitable gardener

If you want to enjoy a beautiful garden in the spring, you will have to do a lot of work during the winter. A beautiful garden is not something you just get. Of course, you can make it easy on yourself and outsource the work. Curious about what that will cost you? Find out more about the costs of winterising your garden and the possibilities!

When to winterise the garden?

Before you take care of your garden it is best to know when to winterise it. The best time to prepare a garden for the winter is in the month of October. The weather is still fine then, so you won't catch too much cold while doing the work. Moreover, the ground is not yet hard and frozen, which makes everything go more smoothly. If you do enough work on your garden in October, you will save yourself work in the spring and will be able to fully enjoy a beautiful garden when it is warmer. So winterising your lawn is really worthwhile!

Preparing the garden for the winter: what chores can be done?
If you are going to winterise your garden there are several chores that can be done. Here are some of the possibilities!

Maintaining the lawn

A beautiful lawn is just as important as beautiful plants and flowers, because what good is beautiful flora if your grass has withered? Therefore, make sure you give your grass a good mowing. You can do this until around the end of October. Keep the cutting height a bit higher than you are used to, about 4 centimetres is recommended. In addition to mowing, you should also keep the grass trimmed. That means removing leaves from the grass and any other debris. By doing this regularly you ensure that your grass can breathe and that it gets light.

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