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Garden house assembly

Excellent for extra storage or perhaps as an extra guest room in the garden. The installation of a garden house offers you grand solutions. Our professionals are happy to help. You can easily schedule an appointment via the site for the moment when you would like to have the garden house assembled.

Several garden houses

The choice for a garden house is diverse and made of different materials. You can choose from a wooden gazebo, a gazebo made of plastic, and regularly they are also made of metal. In addition, you have houses with a roof or without, many or few windows and so on. Before you decided to have the garden house installed by a professional, you have of course made these choices for a long time.

What needs to be done before the garden house is installed?

Be the first to consider where you will put the garden house. Mark the area with picket posts and wire. This way you can immediately see which space the house takes up. If you need help, one of our professionals can also help you with this first step. Once the location has been determined, the substrate must be properly leveled. The surface will first have to be excavated to a depth of 15 centimeters. You may have to make a formwork of planks. This is especially useful when pouring a concrete subfloor. This way your garden house is extremely sturdy. You can also place a house on a tiled floor. The point is that the foundation is good enough to prevent subsidence. Before building the garden house, first put a foil on the ground. The first beams are placed there. Then the rest follows.

What are the costs?

The costs for installing a garden house depend on what work you want to outsource. If, for example, the professional has to help with the construction of the foundation, the costs will of course increase slightly. As a target price, keep in mind that you end up with a price of between 92 euros and 99 euros per square meter.

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