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Lay artificial grass

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Artificial grass requires less maintenance and can hardly be distinguished from real grass. A professional can place it for you. The old grass is removed and a sand bed is laid out. After that everything is equalized and the laying can begin. Make an appointment with a gardener from your area.

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Have artificial grass placed

If you are blessed with a garden, it is a shame to neglect it. After all, a beautiful garden can bring you and your family a lot of joy. Unfortunately, maintaining a garden takes a lot of time. Fortunately, there is the ideal solution: laying artificial grass. Before you have this done, it is useful to find out more about the artificial grass installation prices, the maintenance and the advantages. That is why we give you all the information you need!

The importance of a beautiful garden

A beautiful, well-kept garden allows you to enjoy countless cosy moments with your family, relatives and friends. You can relax there after a hard and tiring working day or you can enjoy the sun without being disturbed by others. Swimming in the pool with the sun on your face or having a nice family party with a barbecue for your birthday, it is all possible in a beautiful garden! Your garden is an important place, especially if you have children and pets. There is nothing they love more than playing in the fresh air. That's why it's important to have a beautiful, safe garden, and artificial grass makes it easier for you!

The advantages of artificial turf

Laying artificial turf has many advantages. That is why it has become increasingly popular recently. The biggest advantage of artificial grass is that it hardly requires any time to maintain. This gives you more time to enjoy your garden. Artificial grass does not need to be watered during a dry summer, you do not have to fertilise it and no herbicides need to be used.

If you choose natural grass, you can also have a gardener maintain your lawn, but after a while this will cost you a lot of money. With artificial grass, you will save that money. Although the purchase price of artificial grass can be quite expensive, after a while it is the cheapest way to enjoy a beautiful garden! Artificial grass is also convenient if you have children, because they can roll around in the garden without getting dirty. Do you have a swimming pool? Then it will stay clean longer, because no dirt or grass blades will end up in it.

What does artificial turf cost?

Do you want to lay artificial turf? Then it is good to know what it will cost you. It is important to know that the price of laying artificial turf may depend on a number of factors. The type of artificial grass you choose, the professional fees of the gardener, the choice of sub-soil and the quantity required all have a big influence. Nevertheless, we can already give you an idea of the prices for laying artificial grass.


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