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When the tree is cut down, the stalk remains behind. The tree then needs to be removed with root and all. The latter is especially useful when you want to lay out a terrace on the spot of the tree. Describe your job and make an appointment with a gardener in your area.

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Cutting down a tree via Zoofy

What does it cost to cut down trees? Trees are beautiful, but they are also often very large and quickly fill up the limited space. Especially if you once planted a small tree, you may be surprised at how quickly it has grown. A tree in your garden or yard can take away sunlight, cause nuisance from leaf fall and get in the way of constructions or access. Having the tree felled by a professional is a solution.

The cost of felling a tree is not high, fortunately, but depends on a number of factors. The size of the tree is an important factor. It is highly advisable to leave the felling of trees to a gardener. If you try to cut down a large tree as an amateur, you could cause serious damage to your garden. Not to mention the misery if (part of) the tree falls on your house. A gardener saves you a lot of headaches, and does the job quickly, neatly and without much inconvenience. On Zoofy you will quickly find the professional you need.

On this page we give you a clear overview of the costs for tree felling and how the job is done.

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