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Sowing grass

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A number of steps are required for a beautiful green lawn. For example, the soil must be well covered and the grass seed well distributed. Describe what exactly needs to be done and call in the help of a gardener in your area.

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Book a gardener for sowing grass

Would you like to plant a beautiful lawn in your garden? And do you want to know whether you should let a professional do the sowing? At Zoofy, you're in the right place. Our gardeners are highly skilled and will gladly take this difficult job off your hands. So put those gloves back in the shed. Here you can read everything about sowing grass, the costs of sowing grass and the advantages of letting a professional do it for you.

Sowing grass of the garden

When you would like to have grass in your garden, it is best to sow grass instead of laying it down. Were you planning to do that yourself? Probably not, eh? There is more to it than you think. Sometimes the old grass has to be removed first, or the ground where the grass will be laid has to be ploughed and levelled. Sowing and fertilising the grass also takes a lot of time and skill. Sowing grass is not a do-it-yourself job, because it requires a lot of knowledge. So hire a gardener for this. Together with you, they can look at the size of the area to be sown and make an estimate of how much time this will take. By calling in a gardener, you can also be sure that good, accurate work will be delivered, which will take years to complete.

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