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In-ground trampoline

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Do you want to have an in-ground trampoline for your children? Book a gardener via Zoofy that can dig the hole for the trampoline. No call-out costs.

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Digging a trampoline via Zoofy

Do you have a large garden with lots of space? If so, you can choose to put some nice things in it, because it would be a shame if you didn't use it. For instance, you can choose to dig in a trampoline, especially if you have children. It is an ideal way to play. Moreover, it is very healthy and it is good for exercise. Burying a trampoline is much safer than a regular trampoline, because of the height difference between an inground trampoline and a regular trampoline, so you'll feel a lot safer as a parent. The big question, however, is what's the best thing to do: digging in a trampoline, or having it done by a real professional? First of all, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of digging in yourself, and then the advantages and disadvantages of letting a professional do it.

The advantages and disadvantages of inground trampolines

Advantages of inground trampoline

Less costs

An advantage is that you will spend less money if you decide to dig in a trampoline yourself. That is because you save in several areas. First of all, you obviously pay a higher hourly wage if you let real professionals do it. But not only that: you also pay for materials and there are many other things that play an important role and can increase the costs. By digging in a trampoline yourself, you are sure to save more money and you can do it in your own time. 


Another advantage is that you have everything under control when you dig yourself in. You have the overview and you do not have to be afraid that the result will be different from what you had expected. Also for that reason, it is recommended to dig in a trampoline yourself.

The disadvantages of digging in a trampoline yourself

Above, we mentioned some of the advantages, but of course there are also disadvantages of digging in a trampoline yourself. Below, we will discuss a number of important disadvantages.

Skills required

Of course, some skill is required before you can dig in a trampoline. Are you someone with two left hands? Then it is not advisable to do this yourself. Not only do you run the risk of it not looking good, but also when it comes to safety, it is not responsible. So you have to check well in advance if you can do it. Because imagine that you are going to dig in a trampoline yourself, but it turns out to be unsafe and accidents happen. That, of course, is not something you want on your conscience. For this reason, professionalism is required and by outsourcing this, this can be guaranteed.


On the one hand, you can say that you save a lot of money by outsourcing it, but on the other hand, you do lose time when you dig in a trampoline yourself. Time you might be able to spend on other, more fun things. Moreover, it could be that you don't have the right material. Which means you can't dig fast, which means you'll spend much more time on it than a person who has experience, and is equipped with the right stuff. So consider how much you enjoy it and whether you really need to spend so much time on it. Otherwise, it might be a waste of time and you'd be better off spending that time elsewhere. 

Outsourcing to a professional: the advantages

Having a professional bury a trampoline has several advantages. One of them is that you know you're getting quality. The concept of Zoofy is very good. You are offered a good gardener and that is of course a lot more effiecient than when you have to call several gardeners. The price per hour is also mentioned. So ordering a professional to dig in the trampoline has many advantages.

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