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Pruning a bush requires the necessary plant knowledge. Leave it to a professional who ensures that pruning actually blossoms out. Describe your job and make an appointment with a gardener in your area.

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Book a gardener for pruning

We all like to look at a neatly laid out garden on our own beautiful piece of nature. A well-tended garden is maintained by regular pruning. It is very important to know exactly how to prune and when to prune trees and bushes. Are you not so familiar with this? Then call on one of Zoofy's professionals for the pruning of your trees and plants.

What are the benefits of pruning?

It stimulates growth: Pruning trees, plants and shrubs makes your garden grow and that can be taken quite literally! Pruning trees promotes the growth of sturdy and thick branches. When a tree has too many branches growing on top of each other, this can slow down further growth. Branches growing on top of each other do not let through enough light and the tree will not grow anymore. These branches should therefore be carefully removed in order to stimulate optimal growth development. Pruning plants and shrubs is also necessary in order to further stimulate the growth process. For some plants or shrubs it is even necessary to prune all the way to the ground. This is done especially on older shrubs in order to give them a new lease of life.
Lower risk of disease: The timely pruning of a hedge, a plant or a tree is necessary to protect your garden from fungal infections. During a pruning job, the damaged shoots or branches are simply cut off and in this way the disease cannot break out further in your garden.
Pruning at the right time avoids bleeding trees: At certain times of the year, tree roots are under more pressure. During this period, the sap that is present in the trees is fed to the branches. If you start pruning at such times, the sap immediately flows out of the pruning wounds. In this case, we speak of "bleeding trees". This phenomenon can of course also occur in plants or shrubs. This can seriously weaken your trees, shrubs and/or plants and they will not be able to bloom beautifully. Also, the sugars and minerals present in this sap can cause undesirable bacteria and fungi that in turn can cause damage to your entire garden.

How and when to prune

Pruning a hedge, a tree or a bush requires specific expertise. Shortening or cutting your plants and trees is anything but easy because the process is different for every plant. Some plants only need to be trimmed, while others need to be topped off to form a shrub. Shrubs can be trimmed or topped, depending on the type of bush. Trees are normally trimmed by cutting off the branches. Because there are so many different forms of pruning, it is advisable to leave this to an experienced gardener. In addition, a gardener has all the specific tools needed, such as pruning shears, hedge trimmers or a bow saw. Hiring a professional gardener guarantees that you will not be saddled with unnecessary inconveniences afterwards and that you will be able to enjoy your plant garden for much longer.

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