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Dishwasher repair

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No matter how good the devices are nowadays, sometimes the dishwasher does not want to work anymore. Often it comes from the power supply, does not close the door properly, or something is wrong with the switch or pump. Make an appointment directly with a mechanic in your area. If a repair is not possible, you only pay € 50, - research costs.

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Repair dishwasher via Zoofy

A dishwasher is one of the appliances you might use almost every day. It's only when it breaks down that you realise how often you use it. Buying a new dishwasher is often an expensive business, and you want to be able to use it for a number of years. Is your dishwasher broken and not very old? A dishwasher repair is a good solution. Will you try to solve the problem yourself or will you call in a technician to repair the dishwasher?

How to repair a dishwasher

You want to fix a dishwasher as soon as possible so you don't have to wash the dishes by hand. Calling a technician is often the quickest solution, but usually not the cheapest. For a recognised technician, you will lose at least a few hundred euros, because most technicians charge call-out fees. Fortunately, with our technicians you don't have to worry about that, we drive to you for free for a dishwasher repair. In addition, it's also good to first find out what the problem is yourself, as you may also be able to solve it yourself. Is the problem too technical or do you just not want to have a water ballet in the kitchen? Then you can hire a technician to repair the dishwasher. Before you have a dishwasher repaired and a technician called in, you should also consider the age of your dishwasher. If you have an older model at home, you may wonder whether the cost of dishwasher repair is still viable. A technician can also take a look at the problem and tell you whether it's cost-effective to repair the dishwasher or whether you'd be better off buying a new one.

What does a dishwasher repair cost?

Now that you know what a mechanic's fee for a dishwasher repair consists of, you might also like to know what amounts you can think of. The table below lists the most common problems and their average costs.

Installation product cost
New heating element €39 to €65 each
New supply hose €10 to €20 each
New spray arm €30 to €55 each
New pump €40 to €205 each

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