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Construct fence
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Do you want to have a new fence installed? Here you can go for expert advice, design and placement. Care is taken to ensure a good foundation for achieving a stable fence. Make an appointment here directly with a local carpenter.

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Fence installation in garden

Do you want to have a fence installed? Your neighbor is probably a very nice person, but you probably want a little privacy in your garden. If you want to install a fence and this fence will be between your garden and that of your neighbors, you will have to take into account that very nice person. Consultation with your neighbors beforehand is important, before you have the fence installed. You may even be able to share the cost of having a fence installed. Having a fence installed then becomes cheaper. You can of course install a fence yourself, but it is a time consuming, and certainly not an easy job for the average do-it-yourselfer. Of course, you do want your palace garden fence to run straight and tight, so you would do well to hire a carpenter for your garden fence. Many of our gardeners can also install a garden fence in no time at all. A carpenter or can often install a fence for you within a day. Why try to do it yourself if the cost of installing a fence is within your budget? Convenience serves the man: A Zoofy carpenter ensures that your fence is straight and completely level.

In addition, in the case of a sloping garden, he always ensures that fence parts are adjusted. this so it looks straight to the eye. The installation of the fence is also done professionally. With the changeable climate in the Netherlands, it is important that your fence can take a beating, and is not blown over by the first wind. Are you ready to install that garden fence? Now you have to choose the material you want to use for your fence. There are wooden fences, for example, but also concrete wood fences, concrete fences and plastic fences. The choice is wide. Can't see your garden through the fences anymore? We are happy to help. You can buy a fence yourself and have it installed afterwards. 

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