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More and more people are choosing to build a carport. It adds a lot of style to a home. It also protects your car. Would you also like to build a carport? Then find out below about the carport prices, the possibilities and the advantages!

The many advantages of a carport

Building a carport offers many advantages. First of all, it protects your car against moisture and snow. Your car is dry and you do not have to clean your car as often. Isn't that nice! In the winter, you no longer have to scratch, which saves you extra time in the morning. Ideal for your morning mood! Moreover, it is cheap, especially compared to a garage, and it gives your house a nice appearance. Installing a carport also provides more comfort, because you no longer have to walk in the rain.

Building a roof: the possibilities

If you are going to install a carport, you will have a number of options to choose from. Carports can be made of different materials. You can also opt for a freestanding carport or an extension carport. Which carport do you choose?

Attached or detached carport?

You can choose to build a carport attached to your house or you can also opt for a freestanding carport. The best choice depends on the space you have and your preference. Remember that a detached carport is more expensive than an attached carport. The difference is usually only a few hundred euros.

Building a steel carport

One of the materials you can choose to build a carport is steel. The advantage of steel is that it is very strong and durable. A steel carport therefore comes with a hefty price tag. Due to the tough appearance of steel, it is a good choice for an industrial style home. ,

Building a plastic carport

Installing a plastic carport is another option. Plastic is a good choice because it is cheap and requires little maintenance. Moreover, it is available in different colours, making it suitable for any home style.

Building a wooden carport

One of the most popular choices is a wooden carport. It owes its popularity to its charming appearance. A wooden carport is a good choice for a rural or classic home. With a variety of wood species to choose from, you can easily have one built that suits your taste and budget perfectly.

Aluminium carport

Another popular choice is an aluminium carport. An aluminium carport can also be made from steel, but you can also build a carport entirely from aluminium. The advantage of this material is that it does not discolour or rust and therefore remains beautiful for a long time. Moreover, it is very strong and requires little maintenance. An aluminium carport has a sleek, modern look.

Which roofing material?

Once you have decided which material you want to use, you can make a choice from different types of roofing for your carport. Generally these options are chosen: acrylic sheets, bitumen, polycarbonate sheets, shingles or tiles.

What is the best choice? Acrylic and polycarbonate sheets are both very strong and allow a lot of light through, giving the carport a spacious look. They also have an insulating effect. Shingles and roof tiles provide a unique appearance and bitumen is good value for money.

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