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Tired of a jammed window? Via Zoofy you can easily book a suitable professional for this job without any hassle. This problem is often solved in no time.

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Have your jammed window fixed

Through Zoofy, you can easily book a suitable carpenter to repair your sticking window in just four steps. We often find a reliable professional in your area within 20 minutes.

Fix sticking window via Zoofy

Book a carpenter is a technique used to fix sticking windows. It is a technique in which the top and bottom of the window are removed and then replaced with a new, sturdier construction. This construction is then attached to the sides of the window, making the window sturdier and more stable.

Check out the advantages of a clamped window remedy


- It is a relatively simple technique that can be done by most people themselves.
- It is an inexpensive way to fix sticking windows.
- It is a durable solution, as it makes the window more solid and stable.


- It is a time-consuming technique that requires a lot of precision.
- If the technique is not done properly, the window may still clamp.
- There is a risk of damaging the window during top and bottom removal and replacement.

Possible cost of clamped window repair

The cost of fixing a sticking window using the book a carpenter technique can vary depending on the size and material of the window. In general, however, the cost of fixing a sticking window using this technique is lower than the cost of replacing the window.

Is it better to leave this to a professional?

It is advisable to leave fixing a sticking window using the book carpenter technique to a professional. A skilled person has the knowledge and experience to perform the technique correctly, reducing the risk of damage to the window. Moreover, a professional can do the job faster and more efficiently than if you do it yourself.


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