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Do you want to divide the space in your home in a functional way? Then hire a local carpenter to place an inner wall. This ensures that you make optimum use of the space. Make an appointment directly with a carpenter in your area.

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Have you recently switched to a job from home but you don't have any available office space in your home? Or there is a child on the way and you therefore need an extra children's room, but the layout of your house is not designed for it? Installing a room divider is the ideal solution for creating an extra space in your home. Not sure how to start? The professionals at Zoofy will be happy to assist you!

The benefits of installing a partition

Placing a dividing wall can be done for several reasons:

Creating extra space: In most cases, installing a partition wall is done with a view to creating a new, extra space. An extra bedroom, for example, comes in very handy when you are thinking about expanding your family. Especially when one of the bedrooms in your home is fairly large, it is fairly simple to divide this space into two. Also for those who (sometimes) work from home, an office is no superfluous luxury. Part of a (too) large bedroom can also be used for this purpose. Do you have students at home? In that case, an extra study room can also be very helpful.
Storage of belongings: We all have plenty of stuff in the house that we don't use too often. Think of spare tablecloths, old cupboards, Christmas decorations...and so on. Most of us don't want to be confronted with all these things all the time. Installing a room divider can separate these items, as it were, from the rest of your home. Based on this motive, installing a partition wall is mainly done in the attic or basement.
Placing a dividing wall in favour of a walk-in wardrobe: Do you dream, just like everyone else, of a comfortable dressing room so that you can see your entire wardrobe at a glance? Placing a partition wall in your bedroom in favour of the construction of a walk-in wardrobe can help with this.
Hide cables: In the 21st century, we all have a lot of electronic household appliances - think TV, radio, PlayStation...and so on. The look of all the cables needed for this is not exactly orderly and you would prefer not to see them. For this, too, you can simply install a room divider. This wall is then placed right in front of the real wall, by means of a false wall.
Install a room divider in the bathroom: Not all houses are equipped with a ballroom of a bathroom. If your home has a relatively small washroom with a walk-in shower, it is likely that the water from the shower will spread throughout the bathroom in no time. This can be prevented by installing a partition wall. In addition to preventing flooding, installing a partition wall in the bathroom also has the great advantage of creating more visual space.

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