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Hanging or installing a door is work for a specialist. Count on 120 euros for a simple interior door to 350 euros for a complex exterior door. Make an appointment here for the moment that suits you best with a local carpenter.

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Hanging rebated doors via Zoofy

Have you purchased a new door? Do you want to have the door measured and then hung? For a carpenter such a job is a piece of cake. He can also shorten the door for you or place sills before he comes to hang it. Why do I need a carpenter? Hanging a door is easier said than done. Of course. If you're a handy DIYer, you can probably hang a door yourself. But if your hands are clammy at the idea, it's better to have a professional carpenter hang the door. 

For most people hanging a door is not an easy job. You have to adjust the door in the right place. By calling in a specialist via Zoofy you can prevent doors from sticking or drafting. When a door sticks or draws, it is possible that it is badly adjusted on the hinges. Fortunately, this is easily corrected by planing the door and re-hanging it. Our specialists can help you with that too. 

Hanging open doors

Interior and exterior doors are available in different styles. But when you buy a door it is especially important to know whether the door is obtuse or rebated. When you buy a new door you often have two choices: a blunt door or a rebated door.



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