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When your skylight needs to be replaced or you want to have a new skylight installed, you can make an appointment with a carpenter from the neighborhood. The professional measures in, makes a hole exactly to size, place the window and ensures that everything is neatly sealed. Expert advice and placement of all types and brands.

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If you use your attic as a living space, it is a good idea to have a skylight installed. In this way the room becomes more cosy because more daylight comes in. A skylight also ensures that the attic room can be regularly ventilated which is not only pleasant but also healthy. Would you like to install a roof window in your attic room? Then it is useful to know more about the prices of having a roof window installed and the possibilities. Below we give you the info you need!

The possibilities

If you want to install a roof window in your attic room you have a lot of options. There are several brands and types of roof windows to choose from and you can also choose additional options if you wish. You can only install roof windows if you are well-informed about the possibilities. Therefore we give you an overview:

Various brands

Very often people choose to install a Velux roof window, but did you know that there are many other options? You can choose to install a Luxtra, Winstar or Fakro roof window. Which brand of roof window you choose depends on your preference and budget. If you choose to install a Velux roof window you will see this in the prices. Velux is quite a pricey brand because of its popularity, but you get good quality in return. Choose Velux roof window installation if you are looking for a roof window of excellent quality.

The other roof window brands are certainly also a good option, but they are slightly different, especially in the way you can open them. For example, you can open a Fakro skylight along the bottom instead of in the middle. If you want to find the right roof window for your attic, it is important to choose one that fits in nicely and has an opening system that is convenient for you!

Type of roof windows

In addition to numerous brands, you will also have numerous types to choose from. First of all, there is a big difference between roof windows for pitched roofs and roof windows for flat roofs. Flat roof windows are roof domes, skylights and light tunnels, which let in much more light than any sloping roof window.

Even if you are looking for a roof window for a sloping roof, there are several options. There are pivot windows, casement windows and top-hung windows. Which is the best option for you? A pivot window is a window which can be rotated 180 degrees around its central axis. This roof window can be installed on a roof with a pitch between 15 and 90 degrees. The advantage of this type of roof window is that you can easily clean them. In addition, they are very safe. Velux skylights are an example of tumble windows.

Falling windows can only turn outward 45 degrees, but are the best option for getting the most light in and creating a more spacious feel. These windows can also be opened without raining inside. That's convenient! A variation of this is the pop-out window. The difference with a bottom hung window is that a top hung window turns the other way. They are chosen less often because they are difficult to clean.

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