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Staircase covering

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Is your staircase worn or is it time for a new look? You don’t necessarily need to have a brand new staircase installed. Covering your stairs is a good alternative. In no time at all your staircase will look new again.

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Staircase covering installation

Are your stairs a little too noisy? Or is the current covering on your stairs worn out or are you simply in need of something new? You can of course install a whole new staircase or have your staircase renovated. But covering your stairs is also a good move. Moreover, staircases can be turned into a beautiful style element, complementing your interior. After all, you walk over it many times a day, so you might as well make something beautiful of it, right? Besides covering your stairs with carpet, you can also choose to cover your stairs with wood, vinyl or laminate. 

Upholster your stairs

Covering your stairs with carpet is seen by many as a bit old-fashioned. Not entirely justified, because there are many possibilities and advantages when you want to have your stairs upholstered. An upholstered staircase dampens footsteps on the stairs, feels warm and soft under your feet and is an ideal solution to camouflage old damaged stair treads. If you are going to upholster your stairs, you have roughly two options. You can choose to fully upholster your stairs or the stair runner effect. In the case of the stair runner effect, only a portion of the staircase is upholstered, where with a full upholstery, staircase over the entire width of fabric is provided. The price of upholstering your stairs with carpet is on average between 300 and 800 euros. The price difference is due to the quality of the carpet chosen and the degree of difficulty of your stairs. The degree of difficulty includes the amount of steps, the size and the type of steps.

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