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Have your staircase closed via a professional from Zoofy

Simply book a carpenter through Zoofy to have your open staircase closed. No hassle with quotes, just the right professional. Our carpenter companies score an average of 9.2 out of 10, so we are sure to always send the right professional for your project.

Open staircase sealing

Sealing an open staircase is a technique of covering the steps of a staircase to prevent unsafe or unwanted access. There are several ways to close an open staircase, such as using a stair gate, a stair door or a stair closet. When sealing an open staircase, it is important to consider the safety of the staircase, the proper size of the stair gate or door and the proper techniques for installing it.
It may be better to leave the sealing of an open staircase to a professional because it is a technique that requires a lot of experience and mistakes can lead to insecurity or damage to the staircase. A professional will also be able to choose the right materials and seal the staircase in a professional manner. In addition, if the staircase is part of a historic building or is protected, you must apply for the permit and perform it according to the rules.

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