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If your door is difficult to close, shortening the door is a possible solution. Have a specialist shave off the door to prevent further damage to the floor, door or doorpost. Make an appointment here directly with a local carpenter.

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Adjust the door height

Do you recognize this? You start an enthusiastic job in the house and then you find out that there is just a little more to it than you had thought? Take laying parquet, laminate, tiles or carpet. If all this is laid at the same level as before, there is nothing wrong. In practice, however, it often happens that tiles are laid over an existing floor or that the new parquet is just a little higher than the laminate that was on the floor before.

If your new floor or floor covering is higher than your existing floor, this has some consequences. Especially for your (interior) doors. They will probably hardly or not at all open anymore. This has to be remedied to prevent damage to your new floor, inner door or window frame. If you're lucky, you can get away with scraping or sanding. But usually you can't escape it, you have to shorten your door or have it shortened to get a custom made interior door again. Before you have the saw at the ready, we would like to give you some tips on what can be involved in shortening a door and where you can quickly and easily find a professional for this. Look no further but find it easily at Zoofy!
Even when your door is difficult to close you can have it shortened or perhaps it is enough to shave it off. So you are guaranteed a custom made interior door that closes smoothly.


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