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Do you have your own home, flat or business? Does it satisfy your requirements and wishes 100%? Does it really not need any maintenance, renovation or changes? Then you can stop reading this blog now, because you are probably one of the few.
Most home owners are in fact regularly busy with adjustments and maintenance to their homes. Sometimes because it's pure necessity, often because a change provides convenience and living enjoyment. Zoofy brings you easily in contact with the right professional for your jobs in and around your house.

Take a job like installing an interior door. This is not just a job but one that requires careful consideration and a lot of work. You don't have to leave it at that for the costs. What it costs to place an inner door depends on the circumstances, the type of door and whether a frame has to be replaced. The placing of an inner door can roughly be divided into three categories:

One in an existing frame

After a window frame has been placed and a wall has been bricked up
Cutting a hole in an existing wall, placing a frame

Placing an inner door in an existing window frame

Placing a new tailor-made inner door in an existing frame is the easiest way to replace an inner door. If you are satisfied with the current direction of rotation of your door, there is not much to change. You only have to look for a custom-made inner door that suits your taste and budget. Obviously, you will need to measure the dimensions of the existing inner door accurately. It is also advisable to take a critical look at the existing window frame. Is that perhaps also in need of replacement? It often happens that the window frame has had its best years. In order to prevent your new custom-made inner door from being crooked, the frame will first have to be replaced.

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