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Good locks and hinges are important for the security of your home. This involves several parts to allow different elements to rotate and close. Think of doors, windows, furniture and gardens. Make an appointment directly with a carpenter from the neighborhood.

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The choice of hinges and locks is very important. With good hinges and locks you make your home safer. But which possibilities are there and how do you choose the right hardware for your windows and doors? Find out below!

The importance of good hinges and locks

Quality hinges and locks are of great importance. It ensures that your home is better protected. Because of this, your loved ones and belongings are protected. Moreover, you will feel more secure in your own home. So you can sleep on both ears again!

Types of hinges and locks

There are different types of hinges and locks. Each type has the same function: keeping your house and you safe. You can also use hinges and locks to add a stylish touch to your home, which is not unimportant either! Hinges and locks can mainly be divided into: door hardware, window locks, cylinder locks and hinges. View a range of beautiful door handles here.

Door hinges and locks

Door hinges and locks can be divided into door locks, door hinges and, of course, door hardware. There are several door locks you can choose from: from cylinder lock to overlay lock. With door hinges you can hang the door in the right way. Here too, there are different types: tilt hinges, piano hinges, etc. Finally you can choose door closers or door stoppers. With a door closer you make sure the door closes when you are not closing it yourself and with a door stop you keep the door open. These are handy accessories that are not necessarily needed when you buy door furniture.

Which door lock should you choose?

Which door lock you should choose depends mainly on the type of door. Fence door hinges and locks will look completely different from hinges and locks for the outside door of your house. Fence door hinges and locks are often a cylinder lock with end plank, if it concerns a wooden door. Fence door hinges and locks for hardwood doors are more likely to be cylinder locks.

The location of the door is also something to take into account. The door lock you choose for an inner door may of course be lighter than the lock for an outer door. If you are looking for a decent lock for the outside door, you should take into account the SKG mark. A standard burglary resistant product stops the burglar for 3 minutes and can be recognized by one star. A heavy burglary resistant lock stops the burglar for 5 minutes and can be recognised by 2 stars and an extra heavy burglary resistant product stops the burglar for 10 minutes and can be recognised by 3 stars. Usually it is sufficient to choose an SKG lock with only one star. If you are looking for a door lock for your business, a heavier security can be necessary.

Interior doors have a mortise lock that is placed on the side of the door. Toilets are an exception, there you should choose a toilet lock. The same applies to the bathroom. Not sure yet which locks and bolts to choose? Then you can always ask one of our professionals for advice. They will be happy to help you!

Window hinges and locks

Besides doors, there is also window hinges and locks. Window hinges and locks are not less important than door hinges and locks. Good window hinges and locks make it even more difficult for burglars to break in, because if the burglars cannot get in via your door, they will try to get in via the windows. Additional locks are mostly used on windows, which can be opened from the inside. With windows that open to the outside, thief's claws are no luxury!

Types of door hardware

Door furniture is available in different colours and materials. Which door fitting you should choose depends mainly on your interior style. Black door hardware is very popular because it fits beautifully in almost any interior. Black door hardware also has a sleek look. In addition to the colour there are a number of other things to consider. Which door furniture fits well in your interior?

What material should you choose?

Door furniture exists in many different materials, such as bronze, brass, stainless steel, nickel and aluminium. Each material has its own advantages. Stainless steel, nickel and aluminium work well in an industrial or modern interior and bronze fits nicely in a rural interior. A classic look is more likely to be created with a brass door handle set and matching accessories. Now you have to be more choosy when you are looking for security hardware for outside. They have to be weatherproof. Now fittings for outside look different from those for inside. Outside you need security fittings. These fittings are thicker. So you will certainly be able to recognise it!

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