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By means of a cove you can hide pipes and cables neatly away. Make an appointment with a carpenter who is coming to help you. The professional will measure everything for you, cut to size, hang up and finish off nicely.

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Having a cove made by a Zoofy professional

Do you want to make a cove in your home? Coves are becoming increasingly popular. And that is not surprising, because cove making can be an attractive addition to your interior. It is a job that makes many a handy DIYer's heart beat faster. You can consider making a cove yourself. But beware! Making a cove is a precise job. A cove frame must be designed and made to measure. It is custom-made and the finish must be extremely smooth. Ideally, you want the cove to be as tight as possible around what you don't want to see, because you want to lose as little space as possible. Not an easy job if you don't do it every day. If carpentry is not your trade, or the cove is simply too complex to do yourself, you would be wise to outsource it to a professional. The carpenter can advise you on which materials to use and what dimensions are right. With a carpenter you know that the job will be done professionally. On top of that, Zoofy has a job guarantee, which insures your job up to an amount of 2.5 million euros. A reassuring thought, should something unexpected go wrong.

What is a cove

With a cove you hide a tight way disturbing elements in a room. A cove can be made around heating pipes, but also for a curtain rail, wiring or the outlet of the extractor hood in the kitchen. A cove is a corner-shaped construction made of wood as shown in the photo above. If you want to make a cove, you can make it as crazy as you want. You can make a simple cove to simply something to work away. But you can also make a cove with many extras, you can for example make a cove with spotlights, or finish the cove with a decorative frame. A moulding is also called a cove moulding, ceiling plinth, ceiling moulding or cornice. Give it a name. A moulding is a decorative part of the cove, in the form of a finishing strip for the ceiling. A cove can also be used to 'break up' a room or to emphasise certain differences. You can also use it to enhance lighting, for example with dimmable lighting.

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