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Placing a staircase is a job that determines the atmosphere of your home. Here you receive expert advice, design and implementation is also possible. In addition, stair renovations are possible. Book a local carpenter directly here.

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Stair installation

The staircase you choose for your interior is more important than you might initially think. By choosing the right staircase you create the right atmosphere in your home. Do you want to install a staircase? Then you can choose from numerous possibilities. To make the best choice it is important to get more information beforehand. You don't have to look far, because below you will find the information you need!

The different types

Do you want to install a new staircase? Then you will first have to look for a suitable staircase for your interior. The model of the staircase is one of the main choices you will make in your search. There are several possibilities, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Turntable stairs

A custom-made spiral staircase is also sometimes called a spiral staircase. It rotates around one central axis. It is the ideal staircase to install in smaller spaces because it takes up little space. If you choose for a spiral staircase you can keep the steps free or let them be supported by a wall. A spiral staircase gives your interior a playful look. The disadvantage of this type of staircase is that it is less comfortable to walk on.

Spiral staircase

Another possibility is the spiral staircase. This type of staircase is similar to the spiral staircase. The difference is that it does not always run around one central axis and it does not have a physical pivot. A spiral staircase has a luxurious look and feel and therefore fits beautifully in lofts and other large, open spaces. However, it is not the best choice if you have limited space available.

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