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Looking for a carpenter nearby you in Amstelveen?

How nice! You have found and bought a beautiful new house in Amstelveen. A very nice big detached house with a large garden. However, there is no shed or garden house in the garden yet. You would really like to have one in order to store things. However, due to lack of time, you are not able to build something yourself. offers a solution! Our carpenters will make sure that you get a beautiful garden shed.

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Attic renovation
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From €59 per hour incl. vat
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Build a carport
From €59 per hour incl. vat
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Build a walk-in closet
From €59 per hour incl. vat
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Build wheelie bin cover
From €59 per hour incl. vat
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Built-in washing machine
From €59 per hour incl. vat
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Carpenter full day
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From €499 incl. vat
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In which parts of Amstelveen do we have pro's?

So should you be looking for someone to make a beautiful garden shed, find a reliable carpenter through Zoofy. An additional advantage is that there is always 20 minutes contact. Either the carpenter contacts you, or the employees of Zoofy. If you have bought a house in Randwijck, Patrimonium or in the Stadhart, the professionals of stevens are ready for you.

Book a carpenter in Amstelveen

Through the website you can place a request for a suitable carpenter. Think of jobs such as installing a fence, making a cove, renovating a staircase or hanging a door. Choose a time that suits you. On the website you can also find reviews of all professionals. Also, the rates that are used to view. The prices include VAT but exclude the material costs. Both weekdays, and evenings and weekends there are professionals available. They are all fast, skilled, professional, reliable and have years of experience.

An additional advantage is that there are no call-out charges.

Looking for more inspiration or prefer to get started yourself? For example if you want to install a fence or make a sliding door yourself: follow the Zoofy Instagram page and the Zoofy Facebook. 

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